Two-time convict takes protest to prison roof

GEORGETOWN –– A female inmate of the New Amsterdam Prison on Tuesday took to the roof of the facility in protest over what she described as injustice.

From the roof, Vanessa Schroeder shouted: “This is injustice.”

Venessa Schroeder during her protest  at the New Amsterdam Prison.
Venessa Schroeder during her protest at the New Amsterdam Prison.

The 39-year-old claims she and other inmates suffer physically at the hands of both inmates and prison officials. The inmate, who is currently before the court on a “damage to property” charge for which she has failed to raise bail, has already served two sentences. Schroeder is alleged to have damaged a minibus windscreen in July.

In 2006, Schroeder was convicted of manslaughter for the unlawful killing of her 16-day-old baby Lana, and was sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment by Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards. In a confession, she had admitted that she had paid a man $500 to kill the infant.

The mother of three other children was on bail awaiting the outcome of that trial when she was jailed for three years for killing her brother

In August, 2013, she was released from prison.

According to a close relative of the prisoner, in December, 2012, she was given $200,000 to start a new life when she was released in a few months.

Arlene Cameron told the Guyana Times that after she was released in August, Schroeder squandered the money and returned to family members in Linden to demand more money and was given an additional $200,000.

According to Cameron, during Linden Town Day celebrations, they were once again approached and they gave the woman $50,000.

“It is very hard, we minding her daughter since she was ten months old . . . , ” she said.

Cameron said they had done enough and would not be supplying the $90,000 bail Schroeder was currently seeking.

(Guyana Times)


Source: (Guyana Times)

2 Responses to Two-time convict takes protest to prison roof

  1. randy forde October 25, 2014 at 11:24 am

    +This message is for Vanessa Schroeder in the New Amsterdam prision in Guyana although she may not get to read this but i have this piece of iinformation for her, she should be locked up and not let out. She got what she deserved. She is just a menace to society. She is evil and has killed two people and family members keep bailing her out. The judicial system is a joke in Guyana. Stay locked up. We do not need people like her among society who will do harm again.

  2. kim Schroeder December 21, 2014 at 11:39 pm

    Randy Ford, if you think lock up is what she deserved, your wish is not God’s command, you and others like you need to be educate on mental illness awareness, Guyana system indeed a joke…… and people like you who make it an joke that have nothing to give to people that are in need of help in the society.


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