St Lucian teenager sets the bar high

CASTRIES –– Smart indeed is Darnell Wilson, a student of the St Mary’s College is a mere representation of that statement.

In a society where many are fashion, party and glam-focused, this top achiever, who has secured seven Grade 1s and two Grade 2s after sitting the Caribbean Secondary Examination (CSEC) at form three level, is bent on making history in St Lucia.

The 16-year-old told St Lucia News Online (SNO) in an exclusive interview that he planned on sitting 21 subjects in the upcoming in the 2015 CSEC examination. Wilson said the inspiration behind this venture was multifaceted.

Darnell Wilson
Darnell Wilson

“It emanates from many areas –– a pursuit of excellence basically. I don’t just see it as a quantum in reference to CXCs. I would go just for excellence, try to defy a barrier that was set for our island and for our people.”

Wilson told SNO he had a deep passion for everything he did, and balanced his study with social activities such as spending time with his friends, playing soccer and cricket.

“You have to find the perfect balance; you can’t always be about academics; so I try to balance my time; I try to split it about.”

The top achiever said he would advise other students to do the same and to strive for perfection.

“Go after what you want, raise the bar and go for excellence,” he added. Asked to comment on the poor pass rates in English on the island, Wilson stated that it had to do with expression and the manner in which persons expressed ideas.

“I have realized that throughout our society, especially our West Indian-infused culture, that persons tend to use a lot of colloquialism and when they use it in the writing they do not use it in the form of a dialogue, they use it arbitrarily,” he explained.

His father Dr Syls Wilson said that he was proud of his son and was fully supportive of his aspirations. Wilson said he believed Darnell was more than capable of achieving his goals and that he was in no way interested in restricting his son’s move, but rather to provide the suitable environment to assist him.

He said: “I believe that this is the responsibility we have as parents. We need to inspire the kids adequately; we need to dig deep and provide them with the environment and brainstorm with them, and also be critical and look at their performance from a positive standpoint.”

Wilson told SNO that his son had always been meticulous, and that was something he noticed in his son from a very young age. The aspiring aeronautical engineer or nanotechnologist is hopeful that he could raise the standards throughout the education system.

(St Lucia Online)

Source: (St Lucia Online)

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