Young pugilists impress

Lots of action inside the boxing ring on Saturday

Boxing enthusiasts in Barbados were treated to excellent displays of ring craft on Saturday night when the Barbados Boxing Association staged the Carlton Hope/Lionel Hall Memorial Boxing Tournament at the Springer Memorial School on Government Hill, St Michael.

The seven boxers who participated in the night’s card all gave a good account of themselves, but perhaps the bout which brought the small crowd to their feet was the heavyweight contest between Sherwin Estwick of the Thunderbird Gym and Cabral Barriteau-Foster.

During the keenly contested three-round bout Foster’s mother, Professor Eudene Barriteau of the Cave Hill Campus could be seen anxiously pacing the floor, clasping her hands over her face or cheering wildly as her son ultimately defeated his shorter and more aggressive opponent by points.

On the other hand, Cabral’s father, tourism consultant Hugh Foster, was seen sitting quietly in his ringside seat enjoying the keenly contested bout. However, in a display of fatherly love at the conclusion of the bout he approached the ring and shook his son’s hand in acknowledgement of an excellent display of ring craft.

Before the start of the night’s card Foster told a team from Barbados TODAY: “I encourage Cabral to participate in the sport because it is an excellent form of exercise and it keeps him fit. He likes the sport and I give him my support. On the other hand his mother tends to be anxious before he steps into the ring, but you can understand a mother’s love for her son. She does not want her son injured.”

Saturday night’s action began with Stephan Harding of the Belfield Gym coming up against Joshua Field of the Four Hill Gym.

This bout was evenly contested with both boxers landing solid punches on each other. However the referee stopped the fight before the end of the third round and young Harding was declared the winner.


Stephan Harding (right) receives his medal from Hugh Foster for his victory over Joshua Field.
Stephan Harding (right) receives his medal from Hugh Foster for his victory over Joshua Field.

The next bout was between Jabali Breedy of Barbados who was later adjudged the fighter of the night, and Travis Hubbard of Guyana.

Both boxers displayed excellent boxing skills, but the more aggressive Breedy hardly gave Hubbard any breathing space and was declared the winner. Both boxers showed good movement in evading short jabs and upper cuts at close range.

The contest between Akeem Farley of Four Hill Gym and Ision Fraser of the National Gym provided some fireworks but Fraser finally prevailed over Farley.

In the lone female contest of the night, the diminutive but fast-moving Mary Fraser of the national Gym easily defeated the slower Faith Field of the Four Hill Gym.

Unfortunately, the other female bout between Kimberly Jackson of Trinidad and Tobago and Kimberley Gittens of Barbados was cancelled after the medical doctor present concluded that the Barbadian fighter was unfit to take the ring. The Trinidadian boxer later took on a male fighter in an exhibition match.

The contest between Derek Hyman of Belfield Gym and Reco Jones of the Carrington Gym was a “rough and tumble affair” which ended in the second round when the referee stopped the fight and Hyman was declared the winner by a technical knock out (TKO).

Reco Jones (left) kept losing his head gear and eventually he also lost his fight against Derek Hyman.
Reco Jones (left) kept losing his head gear and eventually he also lost his fight against Derek Hyman.

Then it was time for the Estwick and Barriteau-Foster showdown. In the first two rounds of the fight Estwick in true Joe Frazier style kept coming after the taller Foster who failed to use his longer reach to his advantage.

However in the third round Foster adjusted his approach much to the delight of his handlers and supporters and was later declared the winner after landing some powerful punches to his opponent’s body.

The final bout between light-heavyweight Arkeem Isadore of Barbados and Markember Pierre of Guyana was a one-sided affair from start to finish with the referee ending the fight in round two and Pierre being declared the winner.


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