What a show!

Worrell takes Mr Barbados

Hoskyn Worrell is the man.

Worrell of The Fitness Zone emerged as Mr Barbados at the ALLMAX Nutrition National Championships at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre on Saturday from a field of competitors where his own minimum shortcomings proved fewer than the opposition and insufficient to deny him the title.

The eventual pose down included Strike Force Gym’s Mike Worrell (lightweight), his gym mate Laron Gibson (light middleweight), Hoskyn Worrell, (middleweight), Superior Fitness Gym’s Dorrell Coulthrust (light heavyweight) and the reigning Mr Barbados Stevenson Belle of ProStar Fitness Gym.

It was an intriguing battle. Worrell as the lightweight was at a size disadvantage even though his package was great. Coulthrust is a tall light heavyweight with classic development but his tendency for broad-based posing with his legs apart throws off his symmetry and the smaller size to height ratio made it difficult to win the overall.

Belle and Gibson were the most defined competitors on stage with Gibson still bringing up his lagging calves to match his otherwise perfect physique while Belle has freaky development with underdevelopment of the back being his weak point. Hoskyn Worrell carried enough size to match his heavier opponents and had the best proportions and development of the group. In spite of this glutes and hamstrings not being at their best, he was able to prevail as the judges went for size.

Earlier, the fitness routines opened the show with junior Nandi Yarde executing a high energy 90-second routine mixed with dance and gymnastic elements while Tanisha Cross focused on strength and flexibility moves done close to the floor. Sabrina Gollop lacked the kinetic energy required and has to work on her transitions. The bikini round, however, saw Cross of the Surfside Gym emerge an easy winner with a defined, lean physique compared to her colleagues who need time to work on their development.

Women’s physique is new and the compulsory moves are a vast aesthetic improvement for the exhibition of the physique. J&S Health, Fitness & Sports Academy’s Deidre Archer has improved her lower body conditioning and is now looking like the most symmetrical and complete competitor seen in years. She is a credit to her gym.

Deidre Archer receiving her prize from Erskine King.
Deidre Archer receiving her prize from Erskine King.

Julia Davis certainly has a beautiful silhouette but lack of tone and hardness in the hamstrings and glutes continues to plague her and this was the case once again on Saturday.

Junior bodybuilding is in good hands but there is a need for larger numbers. Shaquille Lavine showed the benefits of being exposed to competition at the Central American and Caribbean level and was a clear winner. He demonstrated the complete package of symmetry, proportions and definition but still has to work on his posing. Zico Best was second and looked the part of a high quality junior athlete. Laslo Byron and Myelkelti Clarke were third and fourth respectively.

Bikini fitness was a highlight of the show. In the under-163cm division Melissa Burrowes of J & S narrowly defeated Shakira Douglin of Strike Force. Douglin had a toned aesthetically pleasing body but needs to work on her hair, suite colour and walk. This cost her the title. Burrowes has reduced her thighs and improved on her stunning debut season but has sacrificed a lot of facial beauty with her strict diet. Her best package may be somewhere in between. Third was Soweto Hoyte of Strike Force with a top bikini body but lacked lower body tone.

Melissa Burrowes won the bikini fitness title in the under-163cm division.
Melissa Burrowes won the bikini fitness title in the under-163cm division.

Domini Alleyne was the standout bikini body and deserved the overall title. A $2,000 laser teeth whitening treatment by Aesthetic Dental was her prize. She was the total package on the night. Tall, elegant, and naturally beautiful, with magnetic stage presence, Alleyne had all eyes on her. She was a real treat for the fans with a toned body and pleasingly defined core. Kara-Lyn Belle and Kela Knight were second and third respectively to complete a clean sweep for Strike Force Gym.

Domini Alleyne was the outstanding bikini body.
Domini Alleyne was the outstanding bikini body.

The upset of the night came in the bikini over-172cm group. Lana Richards of The Training Edge had the body, natural beauty and charisma to dethrone Natalie Webb-Howell, the reigning CAC tall class champion. What an impressive debut! Third was Nicole Hobbs of J & S Fitness. Waynel Lynch was the Junior bikini winner and is already causing headaches for the seniors.

In the body fitness division, Kathy Ann Greenidge prevailed in the tall class while CAC champion Ramona Morgan dominated the short class. Morgan has the look and presentation of an IFBB pro and crushed the entire field. Janelle Butcher has made the most significant improvements over the last year. She has a powerful muscular physique with improved conditioning and the best deltoids seen in years. But she has to pay attention to relaxing and controlling her body while posing and walking. Butcher was a deserved second in the short class with another rapidly improving Leandra Linton securing third place.

The men’s physique is the most popular category in the sport. Marlon Dottin defeated James Sheppard and Kirk Bovell into second and third respectively in the under-174cm group. In the over-174cm category, Jamil Jones the personal trainer at J and S Fitness, narrowly beat Ryan Harris with Kirk Yarde taking third. Ramon Dodson was a cut above the rest of the field in the tall class. Sculptured, round muscle bellies with incredible proportion and presence makes him an elite athlete in this discipline. He looks like a gladiator. The judges would have had a tough time but they determined that Dottin was Mr Barbados Men’s Physique.

Marlon Dottin posing with his men's physique trophy.
Marlon Dottin posing with his men’s physique trophy.

The Winfield Bascombe Memorial Award was presented to the evergreen Mike King of the Nation Newspaper for his 32 years coverage and promotion of bodybuilding and fitness. A special award was also presented by the Barbados Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation to Erskine King the retired National Sports Council director, for his assistance, advice and support to the administrators of the sport. Strike Force was the top gym for the fifth successive year.

The sponsors of the event were ALLMAX Nutrition, Ace Pharmacy, Mint Condition Industrial Services, Hilton Barbados, Barbados Yellow Pages, Hott 95.3 FM, Aesthetic Dental and Tiger Malt.



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