Goddard’s issues ultimatum

Chairman of Goddard Enterprises, Charles Hebert laying down the gauntlet to Government at McBride's anniversary celebrations last night.
Chairman of Goddard Enterprises, Charles Hebert

Goddard Enterprises has thrown down the gauntlet to Government, saying it will not continue investment in Barbados unless the tariff regime for production imports is changed.

Speaking last night at the 25th anniversary celebrations of one of its subsidiaries, McBride Caribbean Ltd, chairman of the Goddard conglomerate, Charles Herbert said that the manufacturing and services company celebrating this silver anniversary is but one of a number of its holdings that suffer under a regime of unhelpful taxes on imported materials.

“Goddard stands out by being not only a locally-owned and managed company, but also a net exporter and a earner of foreign exchange for Barbados,” Herbert pointed out, before complaining about the regime of tariffs and duties in Barbados.

“As long as the future regime for tariffs an duties remains uncertain, Goddard’s will not make new investment in local plant and equipment for the local market. And if this situation continues for too long, then we will make these investments in other countries and the opportunity for Barbados will be lost forever.”

Speaking immediately after Herbert, Minister of Industry and Commerce Donville Inniss responded to the challenge laid down at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination.

“I certainly appreciate the fact that as manufacturers and industrialists, you cannot exist in an atmosphere of uncertainty,” the minister said,

Minister Donville Inniss
Minister Donville Inniss

adding, “therefore I give my assurance tonight that where ever such uncertainties exist and they are drawn to my attention, we will ensure that we address them with pace because we need Goddard’s to continue expansion here in Barbados.”

“I don’t think we often recognise the immense contribution that Goddard’s Group has been making to this economy, not just the jobs generated here, the foreign exchange saved, but also the foreign exchange earned and the fact that the Barbados’ flag is being flown in about 23 countries in Central America, the Caribbean, and perhaps even further afield”.

Reverting to his prepared speech, Inniss said, “When we reflect on the contribution of establishments such as McBride, it is only fitting that as a facilitator, the Government should respond in kind by providing the appropriate enabling environment and assistance which are conducive to the survival and longevity of such entities; thus allowing them to realise their true potential in the domestic, regional and international markets.”

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  1. Frank Fowler
    Frank Fowler August 31, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    You can’t continue to give breaks to foreign companies to come here, and not give any to the ones that are local and already contributing to the economy.

  2. Tony Webster August 31, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    The proverbial fly-on-the-wall wonders…how many times must have this been an issue discussed, over a table; over a bowl of soup; discreetly and earnestly; but postponed..looked-into…and “taken into consideration” …before one of our leading Corporations felt obliged to go public? Once? Twice? Did the cock really have to crow thrice? Apparently so, and says much as to the fluency and effectiveness of conversation at such exalted levels.
    May I however add my appreciation that this particular tminister can take iit on the chin, like a man, and rise to fight the good fight for this country and the many, many jobs at stake. Capital, by definition, and by nature, will seek out opportunities, wherever,
    and whenever. And strangely enough, so do people. Unfortunately, I am aware of more than a handful, who are either in the process, or have concluded, the act of voting with their feet. Careful please. We are almost out of options, and the hour…it is late.

  3. Robert Foster
    Robert Foster August 31, 2014 at 5:17 pm

    Talk ya talk Donville. We await you action now. There are sponsored properties that await the concessions promised and the starting the next season is fast approaching. Very fast. So Sinckler, Sealy and Stuart please get to it.

  4. Simon Gooding
    Simon Gooding September 1, 2014 at 3:03 am

    …Well..look whos talkin..???..fuh all dese years these were the companies dat run Buhbaydus…. an sold out Buhbaydus .. ..lock..stock…an barrel…….

  5. Tony Webster September 1, 2014 at 6:25 am

    Oh dear…where Angles fear to tread, fools boldly go. For general information:-
    Becausin of their “perspicationess”, the Goddard family did start small, small, and wuk hard, hard, ovah many years. In fak, dey did in bizziness, for several g-e-n-e-r-a-t-i-o-n-s. Dat meanin’…that not only de first Goddard , put ALL ‘e money at RISK, to start ‘e bizziness, but dat additionally, all following, did continue the tradition of investing, and in hard wuk. Dey wuk it proper-like…and prospered. And profits did get re-invested e- did (“plowed-it back”)

    And you know what too? Dem did see opportunities all ovah de Caribbean, in Central Amurica, evawhere. Dey did invest mo money into mekking good bizzinesses evahwhere, (like in the “Flight-Kitchen” business) …more dan any uthuh contemporary company I did know. Dese businesses, nowadays, does make profits , and dese profits does come back “home” here to Bim, in F/X (meanin’, in Foreign Currency, whichin’ dat is what we does nuse to pay for evahting we does consume ’bout here. Like bread, cars, Brandy , medicines, and summuch.

    For anyone now seeing the light a bit better, might I add that their Holding Company is now a “publicly-owned” – and traded- corporation viz. Goddards Enterprises Limited (GEL) You, anyone in fact, can buy some shares, and can join the party! You can even attend thiei annual shereholders’ meeting, and ax questions, or perhaps, move a motion to thank those managing the many enterprises, and earning profits for you and all other share-holders!
    Taking a share, or two, would secure you a “piece of the action” in one of the best-managed, and sucessful and worthy group of companies , in the Caribbean. IMHO, they carry a low risk profile, as they are gegraphically spread, as well as catering to many market sectors in their various economies, thereby playing the game of swings and roundabouts..to shareholders advantage.
    Memeanwhile, I recommend any ill-considered, disparaging, “from-the-hip” comments be moderated according to the facts. Indeed, when I think of GEL…I immediately think of Bajan Pride, and Industry. Mek that, INDUSTRY, WITH PRIDE. And I am sure the manuy thousands of shareholders, and even more thousands of employees, evahwhere, might add “amen”.

    Their last-audited-and-published Financial Statements , disclosed an annual revenue of BB$963 million. Not bad for a li’l Bajan “enterprise”. From where I stand, nuff respect. Make that , NUFF , NUFF respect.

  6. Jason Bowen
    Jason Bowen September 1, 2014 at 6:43 am

    Tough for Goddards. What investment they normally do to be honest. There imports only suck up the foreign exchange. And whats up with giving Gov an ultimatum who do they think they are?

  7. brewster September 1, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    Give to Goddard’s, who for generations have kept bajans in employment. The Trini’s are taking over so help any and everything that is BAJAN.

  8. Tony Waterman September 1, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    @ Jason Bowen!!! “”Tough for Goddards. What investment they normally do to be honest. There imports only suck up the foreign exchange. And whats up with giving Gov an ultimatum who do they think they are?”””
    You Obviously does not know the History of The Greatest Barbadian International Corporation, which started as a LOWLY Business enterprise and NOW is Prominent throughout the Caribbean, Central America and elsewhere.
    there are Many Bajans who owe all they have achieved to The Goddards, Many started out as CASH BOYS and went on to greater things, I for one Worked for Goddards Enterprises as a Customs House Clerk until i Left Barbados in 19**
    Mr Victor Goddard (The Matriarch) was one of the Best persons to Work for in Barbados at that time, and the only bad treatment i came across whilst there was from one of my own.
    You dont seem to want to help Goddards grow (I wonder why) but Neil & Massey (Now Called Massey) came in and destroyed BS&T, close down the Autombile in Warrens, Closed dow the Hotel in St. Peter, and not a peep out of people like you. some Patriot you are. ‘””who do they think they are?””” Big Enough to get what they want or move out, where will that leave Barbados. why do you think that Burgher Kink (USA) has joined up with Tim Hortons (C’ada) its called Growth and they WILL go wherever this GROWTH can be attained same for Goddards, and Goddards WILL make that decision, NOT THE GOVERNMENT, and Goddards are in the business of making Profits not Taxing People. The Government has no leverage here and they MUST Play Ball, or lose out.

  9. Rickie Nurse September 2, 2014 at 11:09 am

    To Tony Waterman, thank you very much for schooling Mr. Jason Bowen on the history of Goddards Group of Co. and locally owned enterprises.
    You have said basically what I would have said to him, it is also apparent that he seem to be blinkered by the policies of this government when it come to the concessions granted to foreign entities and the exclusion of locals.
    What the Goddards groups is complaining about is the same thing that the tourism and hotel players are facing, an uneven and unfair playing field that is set up to accomodate foreign investors at the expense of locals, plain and simple.
    I would like Bajans to understand this clearly, it’s all well and nice to have forieign investors doing business here and employing some locals, but the bottom line for them is profit making and it has to be to there advantage, when it is clear that their operations here losing profit, they will pull out and leave because they have no binding committment to stay in operation or stay here, their committment comes with a “warranty”. When that expires, it is adios Barbados.
    Businesses like Goddards which are 100% Bajan are more inclined to stay in operation because here is where they are from.


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