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It’s beautiful, feel-good and soul-soothing music, with global appeal. That is my assessment of the debut album titled Beautiful and just released by Kingdom Arts For Islandworship.

The three songs that comprise the album are a work of art and a production of the highest quality. I kid you not! When I sat and listened to this product, I was immediately blown away by what was evidently the extremely careful and meticulous attention to detail that was given to it.

“Drawing together a brilliant team of anointed psalmists, songwriters and musicians to steadily gaze upon Jesus in lengthy times of prayer and worship and then to sing what the spirit gave them . . . ,” reads the Introduction at the back of the CD.

One of the songs which the Spirit gave the three artistes is One Thing, written by fellow artiste John Yarde, along with Michael Trotman and Richard Carrington. The music comes from the skills bank of album producer/arranger David Thomas, and the worship lead singer is Kaywanna Greaves. John Yarde, who also penned another piece –– HeartSong, does the lead on this as well.

Kaywanna Greaves
Kaywanna Greaves

The final song Visions is sung by Kayrie Rice-Smith, written by Richard Carrington, and, once again, the music is by Thomas. While One Thing and HeartSong are wonderful selections of contemporary music of slow to medium tempo groove, my favourite number is Visions.

Kayrie Rice-Smith
Kayrie Rice-Smith

Visions is a stirring and mesmerizing soft rock extracted from the Book Of Revelation, but brilliantly constructed and arranged with clear international appeal. It is the type of song which can be thrown onto the world market and take off as a mainstream, cross-over or inspirational release. I simply love this song to death, and could listen to it all day long.

The honey-coated vocals of Kayrie Rice-Smith and her dynamic treatment of the song take one to new heights not usually experienced with most local, regional and even global gospel music. She is simply easy on the ears.


The song Visions begins:

I’m terrified, I’m mesmerized by the beauty of your throne. 

The beautiful sights they make me wonder, about the beauty of your throne. 

Storms are raging, angels singing, rainbows dazzling, joy is ringing, 

Terrifying visions are in sight, in sight . . . . 


It continues:

I’m undone, I’m undone. I have seen your face. 

Such a man, woe is me, ruined by your flame. 

I’m undone, Holy One, Whom my heart has seen. 

Visions now in my sight, Revelation’s dream . . . .  


Needless to say, John Yarde also does a fantastic job in the other selection HeartSong, where he sings in part:

I want to be where You are, stay there all my days, 

Gazing on Your beauty, Holy God, Ancient of all days . . . . 


The selection ends with the line:

. . . Clothed in white, your glorious bride, 

It’s my desire to see your face, 

It’s my desire to know your ways. 


Kaywanna Greaves, whose vocals also mirror the title of the album Beautiful, keeps one glued to her rendition as she delivers One Thing, and uses a romantic analogy to celebrate her relationship with God. The first verse begins:


I turn my back on all my lovers, 

’Cause the One that I’ve discovered, 

His love is so much better.  

I live my life for your glory and honour, 

Friend closer than a brother . . . . 


The song ends with the refrain:

We’re singing One thing, One thing. 

One thing have I desired. 


Kevin Campbell is the executive producer of Kingdom Arts For Islandworship, and producer/arranger David Thomas does his thing for LifeShift Records. The Beautiful release is recommended listening.



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