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Dr Sebi reveals his secret to good health



“The herbs are for the healing of the nations.”

This statement found in three books of the Holy Bible is the premise on which renowned herbalist and naturalist Dr Sebi bases his radical approach to health.

Speaking to hundreds of Barbadians who packed the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre last night, the man who gained worldwide fame for curing AIDS, diabetes, sickle cell anaemia, leukemia and other ailments, says ill health is the result of moving away from this precept.

Herbalist and naturalist Dr Sebi
Herbalist and naturalist Dr Sebi

“Hippocrates, the father of medicine, did he use herbs or chemicals? There were no chemicals around, but nevertheless Hippocrates cured every disease.”

Dr Sebi strongly rejects the idea that diseases are caused by viruses, insisting they only develop in environments that are acidic.

“AIDS is not the result of a virus. A virus, what is that? Diabetes is a virus; AIDS is a virus; Ebola is a virus; sickle cell is a virus; everything is a virus. But how do we know that is true? Have we done any research independent of Europe? If I had believed that, I would not have been able to cure AIDS.”

Dr Sebi contends that these diseases can be eliminated if people return to nature to eat more foods that are alkaline-based, rather than highly processed foods or those made in laboratories.

“You have to stop eating lamb which is artifical; chicken which is artificial. Cows are artificial; hogs are artificial. You have to stop eating these animals.

“All these things we eat, I used to do it and I loved it –– my bacon and my eggs in the morning, with my toast and my butter, and my Ovaltine. I loved it!”

To the study of science, Dr Sebi contends that our bodies are dependent on a living life force energy.

“Science teaches that the human body is electrical. Being that the human body is electrical, it takes an electric substance to complement an electric body. It is as simple as that –– electric body, electric food.”

Dr Sebi says these electric foods were what the ancestors of people of African descent ate, as he stressed that a knowledge of the African DNA was critical to understanding how the body worked and how to cure disease.

“The one thing that they keep overlooking, and they are overlooking it now all over the world, is that gene structure, that DNA. The DNA plays a very important role . . . because I am different . . . and we have to treat that difference.”

According to the herbalist, who was cured of impotence, asthma and diabetes, the genetic disposition of people of African descent rejects many of the acids we are exposed to in foods that we  consider harmless, such as milk and sugar.

“Sugar, once upon a time was considered deadly. Why? Because it has glyceremic acid. You are going to play havoc on your nerves . . . . Sugar is not for us; sugar is very bad. No milk, no sugar.”

The herbalist also cautions against the use of starches like breadfruit, the sweet potato, rice and cassava.

“Cassava . . . has cyanide; it is going to affect your brain. Cyanide is an enemy of yourself; sweet potato likewise. Any starch.

“I said starches aren’t food; but that’s what my mamma used to give me: sweet potatoes, eddoes, yam, cassava; and I liked it, because you become accustomed to it like a drug addict. It’s worse than cocaine.”

Dr Sebi explains that acidic foods like these cause excess mucus, and this leads to chronic inflammation which triggers illness. He says the best way to heal the body is through intra-cellular cleansing.

“That’s the cleansing of the cell of starch and meat, blood and carbonic acid; you cleanse the cells, you clean the cell.

“This involves the use of natural herbs,” says Dr Sebi. “The herbs are electrical; they are going to feed the cells . . . herbs that have iron, especially iron that is going to feed the blood.

“Even though you are not eating, you get the energy. You don’t have to worry about falling out.”

Dr Sebi, who operates the USHA Research Institute based in Honduras, uses herbs to create natural compounds that provide phosphates, carbonates, iodides and bromides –– which, he insists, are “food for life”.   


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