Billboard-bound soca?

Peter “No-Stoppin” Coppin wants to see soca music reach Billboard! The high-energy, raw-power, ever-hyped veteran deejay has a deep love for soca music and intends to see it reach its highest height.

“I love music. I love to see people out partying. Love to see people smiling. And we have a goal to see soca music on the Billboard charts. That’s what we want to see,” the energetic deejay told Bajan Vibes.

Coppin also expressed his desire to work with Barbadian international superstar Rihanna.

“I would like to see Rihanna do an island vibe. I would like to work with her for sure.”

But, he said before soca music could reach Billboard, soca music in Barbados needed to be taken more seriously.

Peter Coppin in his studio.
Peter Coppin in his studio.

“I think most artistes are beginning to take it seriously, and that’s good; and this year was a reflection that the majority of the people in the business are looking to take it seriously.”

“But,” he continued, “I think Crop Over needs some fine-tuning. It really needs some tweaking. I think they need to communicate a lot more with the people in the game.”

Coppin, who is one of the most sought after deejays in the Caribbean, intends to do his part.

“I’m at a point where I do love it though. I live it and I love it. I have been doing this for all my life. I just look forward to doing what I do. To make people party, make people happy, make people smile; and that is our greatest joy. Every Crop Over is the best Crop Over for us, I guess,” he said with a charming smile.

He is the founder of Monstapiece Federation, which includes Sniper, Menace, Fadda Fox, Hitman, DJ Rez from Canada, and “a lot more family”.

For the recently concluded Crop Over Festival they produced 31 songs, one of which –– Ben Up –– was the hit by Leadpipe And Saddis.

Coppin said Monstapiece now looking forward to Trinidad Carnival next year.

“Right now we are more or less concentrating on Trinidad. We already did a couple releases for Trinidad. So far, it’s about ten, but I predict it will be a little more than that,” he said.

Coppin believes that with the new PR team his Monstapiece Federation can take on the world.

“We have a team now who deals with our PR networking and stuff like that; so we are trying to capitalize more on our links; do a lot more outside shows in terms of touring and stuff.

“Now that I am back in a place mentally I want it for us. Billboard and more for Caribbean music, and more for even me as a person. So, yeah, we pushing it more outside as well,” Coppin added.

The deejay had some advice for the young aspiring deejays as well, pleading with them not to take the business as a joke.

“Apply some business to it. Market yourselves correctly. Just don’t get into it because you want to play music; get into it because you love it. If you know that eventually that is what you want to be your livelihood, you have to apply business to it. Otherwise you’re wasting time. DJ money is not enough to really finance and feed a family like that. It can’t do it,” Coppin warned.

Offstage, he loves peace and quiet and going to the beach, but admitted “it doesn’t come often, but when I do get it that’s me”.

Peter Coppin on the air.
Peter Coppin on the air.

Coppin lives by one simple rule: “God don’t sleep. Always stay focused and remember that the truth always comes to light.”



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  1. Asiba Buffalo
    Asiba Buffalo August 30, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    We got to big up -We –first though. Barbados needs a Music Festival that would feature various genres of music. We need to look past the Calypso Competition and what happens at Crop Over. I can see increased tourists arrivals and with our girl Ri Ri known all over the world, now is the time to seize the moment. A music Festival must happen Now !!!


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