Bynoe living her volleyball dream

Adrianne Bynoe is off to the United States on a volleyball scholarship.

The 20-year-old, who recently received a full scholarship to the Seminole State College in Oklahoma, told Barbados TODAY she was extremely excited about the opportunity. The young woman said that having had a dream for many years about gaining a volleyball scholarship, now that she is actually living it feels surreal.

The Headley Land, Bank Hall, St Micahel resident previously attended the Alleyne School. The all-round sportswoman also excelled at netball, football and track while at secondary school. In 2010/2011 she was awarded the Sportsperson Of The Year at the Alleyne School.

Adrianne Bynoe
Adrianne Bynoe

“I’m extremely excited and thankful that I got my scholarship. Everyday I can’t believe that I achieved my goal. But what makes me even happier is because I’m the sort of person that likes to make people proud of me. Honestly to me that’s the best feeling in the world . . . especially my dad. He pushes me to be better and he’s always at every single one of my games whether I want him there or not. My father knew I was talented and he always pushed me to do more and I hated it.

“I used to swim and my dad was my coach and I quit swimming the first chance I got. I ran track and he always told me I’m not taking it serious and I got out of that the first chance I got also. But as I got older I realized it was all for the best and so many other people out there would be glad to have half the talent I have to play multiple sports and to have a parent who was pushing them like mine was. My mom is also very supportive and she too is at most of my games,” Bynoe said.

Though netball is one of her favourite sports, getting a volleyball scholarship was the former Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic student’s goal because she believed obtaining a volleyball scholarship was much easier than getting a netball scholarship. So with the thought of bettering herself through sports and representing Barbados at the senior level strong in mind, Bynoe decided that ‘all roads led to town’.

“I would say another reason I wanted to get a volleyball scholarship was because of my role model Anicia Wood. Most people would say that an international volleyballer such as Destinie Hooker is their role model but I chose mine from Barbados because she plays the same position I do and she made the national team numerous times. She also plays professional volleyball and she makes the sport look so easy every time she plays,” she said.

Before graduating from SJPP this year, Bynoe would have first made the Barbados junior volleyball team in 2009. In 2012, she again made the team as the captain but that position was subsequently taken from her because the coaches thought it was adding additional pressure to her game. At the Caribbean Volleyball Championships that same year, she however won the Best Blocker Award. When she completes her studies, Bynoe hopes to own a cake company and become a food and nutrition teacher.


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