Onshore drilling commences next year

Barbados will embark on a $15 million onshore oil exploration and production programme in the middle of next year.

Manager of the Barbados National Oil Company (BNOC) Winton Gibbs told Barbados TODAY this afternoon the drilling programme will begin between July and August 2015 with a minimum of five wells planned to be sunk.

Gibbs said the proposal was to drill two exploratory wells at Society in St John and two to three production developmental wells at the BNOC’s Woodbourne headquarters in St Philip.

Winton Gibbs
Winton Gibbs

“Our production is just around 700 barrels of oil per day. We were hoping to drill this year, but we had to delay that for a number of reasons. One is, we have made a decision to refurbish all our rigs and to make the drilling rigs more efficient and more versatile,” the BNOC manager added.

“We are refurbishing them to reach a depth of close to 10,000 feet. Our rig could reach a depth of 6,500/7,000 feet with some effort. So we have taken a decision to refurbish and upgrade those rigs to make them safer and more efficient,” he continued.

Gibbs said the exploration wells were more expensive because they normally go to a greater depth and they were located in virgin territory. Gibbs said the BNOC will be seeking to determine what oil and gas reserves exist in Society, St John as a new field.

“The technical department is still in the proess of evaluating the prospects,” he noted. He said that in 2012, the company drilled one well at Society, but officials had encountered some challenges in that area.

“The sample suggests the presence of hydrocarbon, but we were not able to complete the well, and that is why we are going back to the same area with at least two wells.

“Woodbourne is an ageing field and it is more costly to produce the balance of the reserves here. It’s important that we find a new field,” the BNOC top official suggested.

He said that while his company was looking at Society, the search will be extended in the future to other areas such as Flat Rock and Fisherpond.


4 Responses to Onshore drilling commences next year

  1. Yvette Johnson
    Yvette Johnson August 28, 2014 at 2:40 am

    shared! Sun and sea water are the answers. Fossil fuel is not the answer!

  2. Arther Lashley August 28, 2014 at 6:30 am

    Barbados and producing oil at a price that makes it worth while.

    I DONT think so.

    A business associate of mine, is in the “oil” business and laughs at what we hold up as an “oil industry”.
    Why do you think NO ONE wanted to BUY, BNOC when it was on the block? WHY, because its pretty useless.
    The structure of the ground in Barbados in not good for oil production.
    The costly part is drilling, AND if you look around BIM you will see lots of drilled wells.
    Very close to each other.
    Because the rock structure does not allow the oil to drawn into the well suck.
    So we drill and drill at a huge cost.

    But as with everything else in Barbados, NO ONE , knows or cares what they are doing.

    They have a VERY well paid cushy job and can Bandy about figures like “700 barrels a day”, give the impression of vast “profits” for Barbados, to keep the “gravy train” they have. rolling.

    How many wells have we drilled at what cost to get” 700Barrels a day” (Maybe? Everyday?? Since when? How long for?)
    IS THERE EVEN a PROFIT on ONE of those 700 Barrels as against the stacked up losses and interest to be paid on the borrowing.
    So many questions to which YOU or I will never have a truthful answer.
    OFF shore drilling,for Barbados, is a PIPE DREAM, rigs can cost 500,000$ a day PLUS and WHAT we do with it ?
    Look at the implcations, FORGET the Balony, put forward to blind us into feeling ,we another Trinidad.
    ONE OIL SPILL and OUT tourists industry(whats left of it) is LONG GONE,.
    So lets CUT the BALONY and GET REAL!!

  3. Fraser Young
    Fraser Young August 28, 2014 at 6:58 am

    What about all the endless sun and wind we have? Even BNOC knows this as their buildings are covered with solar panels. Its time for Barbados to evolve and demand clean energy sources that will stabilize our energy costs.

  4. Rickkie Nurse August 29, 2014 at 10:42 pm

    Green energy is the way to go, even though there is still a market for fossil fuel, vehicles just to mention. But as far as electricity is concern green energy is the way. The BL&P and it’s parent company don’t want this to come to fruition because it will impact on their gravy train that milk the life out off the masses. There is no way the our import fuel cost should be at the height that’s currently at, when we have an unlimited energy source at our disposal, the sun and the wind. We do not need any expert outside of this country to tell us that. It is plain to see why BL&P would be in the media stating that the implementation of Green energy would not be good for us at this time.


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