Second cycle of grant funding

Following tremendous response to the first round of the Competency-Based Training Fund (CBTF) call for proposals, business operators now have access to a whopping $10 million in grant funding. The second call for proposals ends on September 30.

The first cycle, which saw 33 proposals being submitted, ended with seven companies being awarded a total of about $3.6 million. That started in April and ended in May.

Businesses now have the opportunity to submit proposals to access the funds to carry out training projects for their employees and potential employees who are focused on equipping themselves with the practical skills needed to make industries and the economy more competitive. Officials associated with the fund said it was in line with the country’s development goals, and urged Barbadian business operators to take advantage of the facility.

Speaking during the official launch of the call earlier this month, Minister of Labour Esther Byer-Suckoo said offering businesses the opportunity to train and retrain their staff “sits firmly” with the Medium-Term Human Development Strategy For Barbados. The CBTF is offered by the Ministry of Education in association with the Ministry of Labour.

Paul Murphy, programme director in the Ministry of Education, said last year’s response to the first call for proposals was “overwhelming” and he expected a similar response this time around. He also announced that for the second cycle, applicants would be able to submit their applications online.

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