Guns, drugs found at Party Stand

Several people are in police custody following a raid at a fete at the Party Stand, Bridgetown where guns and illegal drugs were discovered.

Police say five handguns, a significant amount of illegal drugs, camouflage clothing, ski mask and a number of scissors were found during the operation carried out by members of the Anti-Gun Unit and supported by other police units early this morning.

Lawmen say a number of juveniles were also detained in relation to their attendance at the post-Crop Over fete.

Investigations are continuing.

3 Responses to Guns, drugs found at Party Stand

  1. Kimberley Cadogan
    Kimberley Cadogan August 25, 2014 at 12:15 pm

    You sure it was a fete or a special kind of meeting with guns, knives and ski mask all in one place …like seriously

  2. jr smith August 25, 2014 at 12:56 pm

    Now are we , to see these people bail to go out and commit more crime.I thought when some is bail, there is a financial surety is involved.
    Stop being soft on these people, make the bail resonably high and if they defaut, level on the persons property,who stood the bail, which means , this signal to people not to stand bail for anyone, which mean they stay in prision until the courts are ready, to deal with them.
    This seems to be a regular occurance in barbados,people on bail just commit more crime while they are on bail, no regard for the law of the land. This is frightening.

  3. Andrew August 26, 2014 at 9:46 pm

    Ski mask…clearly there was an intention to commit crime and conceal one’s identity…secondly;guns galore and other weapons intended for mass destruction,was it really a fete??? Soon we will be hearing that d beast boys unfair poor people children who int do nutten…seriously??? Then there was pure weed to be had at this end of summer jam which is usually for teenagers going back to school/college/University…seriously??? What I honestly don’t understand from the comments made was the allegation about people who are on bail committing such offenses. Did I miss something? Is that person privy to more information that me the average reader? For as far as I am aware police investigations are continuing and no one has been charge…so who knows…we may end up with all first time offenders…but seriously though…can we honestly let our children go to these events anymore???


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