BLPC says no attempt to control energy industry

The Barbados Light & Power Company Limited (BLPC) has dismissed criticism that it is trying to control what happens in the renewable energy industry in Barbados.

Far from that, managing director designate Roger Blackman said today, the BLPC has been facilitating the growth of the industry by being proactive in introducing the Renewable Energy Rider (RER) programme which facilitates the sale of excess electricity to the grid by customers using solar photovoltaic or wind renewable energy systems.

“To begin with, we don’t set energy policy. Government sets energy policy and the utility, as well as the regulator for that matter, execute the policy,” he said.

“The comments in relation to putting barriers in place to achieving Government’s targets really aren’t quite founded on any real facts because, as I mentioned, the targets that are set appear to be, based on the plans, very achievable,” added Blackman.

“I think one of the issues that arises is that everyone doesn’t recognise that renewable is not only the Renewable Energy Rider or one type of renewable energy source. There are a number of renewable energy sources, some are intermittent like solar and wind and those are the ones that are rolling out on the renewable energy programme, and then some are firm capacity meaning that you can turn them up and down depending on the demand, and those will be things like biomass, landfill gas to energy, waste to energy, all of which are in the energy plans going forward,” added Blackman.

He also sought to dismiss the suggestion that Emera Caribbean Renewables, to which BLPC is linked would get any unfair advantage in the process of expanding the sector in Barbados.

Emera is majority owner of Light & Power Holdings Limited, which is the parent company of BLPC.

“Emera Caribbean Renewables is a separate company under our group . . . They are treated no differently than any other installer in the market by the utility,” asserted Blackman, adding that the company had to go through the same steps as any other renewable energy company on the island.

He also noted that any system that was being connected to the grid had to go through a process, which involved inspection by the Government and the BLPC.


6 Responses to BLPC says no attempt to control energy industry

  1. Randy Hartman
    Randy Hartman August 22, 2014 at 6:59 am

    really now..

  2. Barker Antony
    Barker Antony August 22, 2014 at 8:18 am

    it thats the case remove the cap

  3. jr smith August 22, 2014 at 8:42 am

    I am not convince, of this renewable energy programme. No so call developed country, have provided data as to what or which energy programme is economicaly viable for islands as like barbados to embark on.
    We in barbados for decades had solar panels, leadining the caribbean,who still is considering the same. at the lower levels the use is ok, but to be able to supply and sell on to the national grid,is not very convincing.
    For the amount of investment in solar panels,i would think this would take beyond 3 years plus to recover the investment before some profits is achieve.
    To consider,the amount of development thats undertaken world wide ,there is 100% chance, most installation around the 2 to 3 year old range would be out of date.
    Most renewable energy projects , adds uglyness to buidings and landscape.
    Some reports in the UK ,where ten of millions of pounds were spent on wind power can show is the investment had any economic worth and many of the devices are failing.

  4. Barbados Green Power
    Barbados Green Power August 22, 2014 at 9:52 am

    Unfortunately they cant, due to the revenue they have allocated and will lose, that is there lost limit of 7MW, they will soon say they have added another 10MW but really its only 2MW they will have added for everyone, the other 8MW if for St.Lucy solar farm. They first have said the grid cant handle more than the 7MW but they can add another 10MW as they see fit, but 8MW will be for the solar farm and will be for them to supply but haven’t said at what rate in $$$, so that leaves 2MW to add to the 7MW to make a total of 9MW for the public, they seem to say a lot of things that change like the weather. its was also 1.8 times the fuel clause now its 1.6 times, and they RER was suppose to be for 2 years, there is only 1 licence for energy producer in this island to sell electricity. Will that change anytime soon ??

  5. Miguel Carlos Jose Humphrey
    Miguel Carlos Jose Humphrey August 22, 2014 at 12:08 pm

    there it is…a boost of little.


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