Jones lauds CAPE Scholars

Exhibitioners' slip in Caribbean studies to be review though

While reporting exceptional results among Barbadian students sitting this year’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE), the Ministry of Education will be looking into why some Exhibitioners missed out on Scholarships because they got a Grade 2 in Caribbean studies.

Speaking at a meeting today at the ministry’s Elsie Payne Complex headquarters, where he greeted some of the island’s 14 Scholarship winners and 22 Exhibitioners, Minister of Education Ronald Jones said the review would be carried out because it was important that all students did well in the mandatory subject.

“. . . You must do communication studies and you must do Caribbean studies. It really makes no sense to have bright people who do not understand the regional reality; who don’t understand their own country; and who don’t understand the region in which they live,” he argued.

However, the minister said, this year there were students who had shown keen interest in languages and had been able to attain Grade 1s in those subjects. On that note, he complimented those students who had excelled in such as French and Spanish.

“And those who have done well in geography, and those who have done well in history, those are interesting additions to the Scholarship portfolio. Normally, when you are dealing with the exact sciences, you are either right or wrong. Physics or chemistry, you are either right or wrong. But when you are into interpretative subjects, particularly a subject like history which is opened to deep interpretation and analyses and to score a Grade 1, says something about the quality of those students,” Jones said.

He added: “Our research on the results for persons who would have done CAPE Unit 1 and Unit 2 demonstrates a high level of excellence among all students who have this year in fact done Unit 2 . . . . The results are quite exceptional overall.

“In other words, the Scholarship result overall is quite exceptional . . . . You are the fortunate ones in that you were able to emerge as Scholarship winners and Exhibition winners.”

The minister also urged the winners, as they went off to study at their respective universities in various countries, that they maintained that level of exemplary performance shown in their Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) and CAPE results. He told them always to remember that when they looked up there would be no ceiling because the room for them to excel went “beyond the sky”.

“It is important that you continue to stay focus on deliverables. That is the quality of your student experience. Several of you might be going to other countries to study and we encourage that. We encourage the cross fertilization of talent.

“We are quite proud when Barbadians are able to sit in other classes, and then they feel the power of Barbados coming out; that a smaller country can do so well in its studies. Whenever our people go, wherever,              Barbadians operate at the top of the class . . . ,” said Jones.

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  1. George Smith
    George Smith August 21, 2014 at 4:08 pm

    What is the equivalent to CAPE in UK terms? is it A level?


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