Step-it-up a success

Four records went down yesterday as the Step–It–Up Road Race series came off.

The event, now in its third year, took place in Belleplaine, St Andrew with more than 100 competitors participating in the race events. There were record performances in the 5K and the 15K, with a record number of participants in the 15k.

In the Women’s 5K, Elizabeth Renondeau was the winner and set a  new course record of 19:39 minutes, more than a minute faster than the second placed Carlie Pipe’s 20:56. Donna Gibbs came in third in 23:40. The record in the Men’s 5K was erased by Oein Josiah’s time of 18:35, ahead of Philip Gaskin’s 19:28 and Richard Lewis’ 19:36.

Elizabeth Renondeau (right) and Carlie Pipe. (FP)
Elizabeth Renondeau (right) and Carlie Pipe. (FP)

Chanda Gooding with a time of  1:20:36 won the women’s 15K while also setting a new course record. Just a mere 47 seconds later Marissa Bradshaw came in at 1:21:23 for her second spot and Cheryl Rose in 1:47:53 was third. Pierre Stanford, too, set a new meet record of 59:29 in the men’s 15K, second was Alex Harris 1:03:17 and third Renner Yearwood in 1:05:11. The women’s 10K was won by Leith Daley in a time of  59:22, followed by Natalia Makzaimi in 1:03:46 and Cecile Desrielle, 1:04:23. The men’s 10K was won by Orin Josiah in 42:25, Paul Marshall  was second in a time of 44:49 and Brad Holder third in 45:59.

Organiser of the event, June Rudder told Barbados TODAY that overall it was a good event. Rudder said they were especially pleased by the organizational structure of the series and she stated that they were already looking towards 2015. However, she has called for more assistance to truly take the event forward.


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