‘Unlawful act’ by former GG

Government to rescind national honours

ST JOHN’S –– The government says Prime Minister Gaston Browne will write to the new governor general to void several nominations handed out as Dame Louis Lake-Tack exited office.

In a strongly worded statement, the government claims that the former governor general committed an “unlawful act” when she conferred national honours on 19 persons without any authorization under law.

It accuses the former governor general of diminishing the value of the national honours when she conferred a knighthood on her son, and several unknown persons; and, when she gave national honours to her gardener, her secretary and two police outriders.

The government argues that the National Honours Act, 1998, does not allow any governor general to select anyone for a national honour.

The statement added that the exit of the former governor general was involuntary and that her decision to grant national honours to undeserving individuals was arbitrary.

The government claims the awards were void from the moment they were handed out.

Prime Minister Browne reportedly called the action “lawless” intended to embarrass his administration.

The release says that without the binding authority to confer the honours, the 19 appointments failed and would have to be withdrawn.

(Antigua Observer)


Source: (Antigua Observer)

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