Another side of Wendell’s writings

Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy has challenged more public figures to document their public service lives. Sealy, who was yesterday evening congratulating former Member of Parliament Wendell Callender on his latest publication Many Sides Of Barbados, said it was important that things essentially Barbadian be captured
for eternity.

Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy and Patricia Fields discussing some of the content of the book.
Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy and Patricia Fields discussing some of the content of the book.

Speaking to an audience made up of cultural icons, former parliamentarians and members of the Barbados Tourism Authority yesterday at the Llyod Erskine Sandiford Centre, Sealy said it was important because sometimes with the distraction of technology and new activities, there was a need to be reminded of some indigenous aspects of Bajan life that could be deemed under threat.

“It is important because a book can do several things: it can inspire to perform; a book can be a counsellor; a book can also comfort you . . . . That can in essense provide a moment of comfort to help you get through a deeper situation. I think it is  important because I think it can change you. I believe that very strongly.

“I vividly recall when we were paying tribute to [the late former Prime Minister] Harold Bernard St John on the floor of the House . . . I made the point that someone with vast experience in public life never left behind any book. Even the great [National Hero and former Prime Minister] Errol Barrow who wrote the cook book Privilege, It would have been nice to have had his experiences on paper –– and what that could have meant to other people getting involved in public life!

“The work that Edward Seaga did, the two-book volume, very good read. However you feel about his politics, point is . . . 50 plus years in public life that he put into a two-book series which I thought was good, and the sort of thing we need to see more of from our public figures,” the minister said as he declared that he, himself had already begun to document his memoirs.

In that regard Sealy further saluted Callender who, he noted, was already working on his fourth publication.

Callender, while thanking all contributors to the book, and all sponsors, supported the minister’s challenge. He stated that as artistes and persons who had benefited from the island, it was time to stop talking and start doing.

He said: “We need to get out there, write and create things. We need to add value to what we have, and as a small world with information and communications technology, it is possible.”

Many Sides Of Barbados is a compilation of a series of Callender’s articles previously published in The Nation newspaper. With 24 chapters and 110 pages, the book is very reader-friendly. The book is available in Kindle format on Amazon, and in hard copy at local book stores.

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