The Salt of the DJ world

Entertainment has always been in his veins. And he has been flavouring the industry for quite some time now.

In fact from a toddler, Salt knew he was an ingredient the entertainment industry needed.

Salt the announcer, too, at Slam 101.1 FM.
Salt the announcer, too, at Slam 101.1 FM.

“I had a love for the stage from four years old. I always had a passion for singing. I was in the St John Dramatic & Folk Group with my father. Then I started writing songs; and it grew from there,” he said.

But Salt, real name Patrick Bellamy, told Bajan Vibes that it was not always smooth sailing into the industry, especially the deejaying arena, and admitted that on his entry he was quite “green”.

“When I started I didn’t have the equipment and the knowhow. I was just buying CDs from Cave Shepherd and listening to music on my Discman and on the radio. When I first started I was playing wild. I would stop the song anywhere and talk over it. It was crazy,” Salt said.

Salt would learn from watching others and practising constantly.

Salt is the flavour for the industry.
Salt is the flavour for the industry.

“I was always inspired by Lil Rick. I watched him make the transition from a dub singer to a deejay, and I was quite impressed. So I took notes, and I started to dabble in music. I gradually started to improve,” he said.

But for Salt, it was the internship at Slam 101.1 FM that changed his life for the better. He has been with the station from its inception and believes that it has helped him to grow as an entertainer and as a person.

“I have learnt a lot at Slam. I have really evolved as a deejay after coming to Slam. Before, I was more of a hype person, an MC and a singer. But when I started to play music more, I learnt how to transfer that love for music to the people. That settled my spirit a lot, because I felt like it was a part of me that was missing,” Salt added.

He said that getting the big break was a dream come true for him.

“I wasn’t on the roster when I first started; I came in as an intern. And I happened to be there when Alex needed a DJ, and she brought me on; and that is how I started. Slam has been a process for me; a journey from being literally the boy in the corner to one of the faces of the station. That feels really good. I enjoy working at Slam a lot,” Salt declared.

His former co-host Alex Jordan, who stopped in for the latter part of the interview, said she had watch Salt grow and was extremely proud of the work he was doing.

Salt was sitting on the bench when we first went live to the nation; and after I lost my deejay, he was just there silently slipping me tips and telling me what to do. I realized there and then that he was incredible.

“He’s smart; he’s funny; he could be a really good producer for the show. Then the Salt & Alex [Show] was born,” she added.

Jordan continued: “[Salt] has grown as a person, because he has had to interpret stuff to the average Barbadian who may not understand something. So Salt has a great way of understanding and communicating. And it helps that he’s a great deejay. It’s been a total pleasure working with him.”

Salt and Alex Jordan sharing a moment after his Slam morning show.
Salt and Alex Jordan sharing a moment after his Slam morning show.

And his role as an artiste cannot go unmentioned. From See Me, which was quite a hit, to Headboard, which caused some controversy over its eligibility for airplay, Salt has been quite a hit with the ladies.

But he wants his fans to know there is a distinction between Salt and Patrick.

“There is a vast difference between who is Patrick and Salt. I try to make that distinction very clear all the time. My friends who would have known me before that went to school with me. When they call me Salt, it feels strange. Salt is a persona. It’s a part of me; it’s not all of me,” the deejay said.

And like his stage name suggests or implies, he wants to put a flavour to everything. Barbados has been advised to look out for many big things from him in the near future.

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