Scholarship and exhibition winners announced

Fourteen scholarships and 22 exhibitions have been awarded to top performers in this year’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) and the Associate Degree Programme at the Barbados Community College (BCC).

Harrison College got most of the scholarships – seven of them – while students from Queen’s College took the lion share –16 to be exact – of the exhibitions.

The scholarships went to Harrison College students Kristi Brewster, Shawn Clarke, Philippe Forde, Ninon Foster-Chee-a-Tow, Natasha Rouse, Todd Lavine and Regina Young; Queens College students Kerrie Barker, Chelcee Brathwaite, Amina Desai, Elizabeth Gill, Gabriella Gill and Avery Kellman; and Christ Church Foundation School student Cheryse Greenidge.

Exhibition winners were: Dana Bayley, Shanelle Brathwaite, Rashida Carter, Tawnya Forde, Adriana Gooding, Roneisha Goodridge, Dominique Harris, Rebecca Harris, Richelle Haynes, Daneisha Holder, Rebecca King, Jessica Marshall, Nathan Parris, Leah Taylor, Melanie Taylor-John and Kimberley Yearwood of Queen’s College, Asia Blackman, Dario Clarke, Rheanne Ince, Charice Marshall and Brendon Taylor of Harrison College; and BCC student Janiel Odle.

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