Call for casinos

A fresh call has been made for Government to consider introducing casino gambling in Barbados.

As debate continued in the Senate tonight on the resolution to compulsory acquire the Sam Lord’s Castle property, Senator Alwyn Adams suggested that Government give consideration to having casino gambling as a way of enticing the “modern” traveller.

Although saying he was not a gambler, Adams said based on his experience in the Bahamas, he believed the idea of having casinos in Barbados was a good one.

His comments came months after Senator Tony Marshall made a similar call “in the interest of tourism”.

“I am going to use the words of Senator Marshall. I believe that casinos should be examined, should be looked into. I didn’t only visit the Bahamas; I lived there for seven years and it is interesting to note that some very elaborate casinos are there, but the local population does not and is not allowed to participate and it actually works there,” said Adams.

“What you want is a kind of a total package where you have something for the children and others, including those who want to go to church, but also entertainment for adults and the modern tourist is a substantial section of that . . . I think it would appeal to that category of tourist, but also the older tourist as well . . . There are persons who are over 55 who find themselves with disposable income and if they are careful with it they enjoy themselves in that regard.”

He further recommended that when Sam Lord’s Castle is opened, every worker at the hotel should have to learn at least one foreign language. Adams also suggested that the hotel do fish farming and have a local entertainer exclusively for the hotel “to add to its flavour”.

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