No worries as LIAT shakes up commercial department

Officials at regional airline LIAT are this evening assuring Barbados that there is no need to worry after a major shake up in its commercial department here.

The changes have resulted in a decision to move six of its commercial jobs to Antigua where the carrier is based. Former chief commercial officer Leesa Parris- Rudder has also been demoted.

She is no longer on the airline’s executive management team and will now report to the new interim chief commercial officer Lloyd Carswell. The company has also created a new position of customer service manager for Barbados but that role it yet to be filled.

When contacted today, LIAT’s head of corporate communications Desmond Brown said the changes would make the commercial department more revenue focused.

“We’re going to bring sharper focus on revenue-generation because all of these positions were being managed by one person essentially, and what we have done is divided the department into three parts so that [we] have one person who is dealing with revenue management and network planning, this is their full focus,” he told Barbados TODAY.

“There’s another person who is dealing with global sales and another person dealing with sales and marketing and the customer experience.”

The airline is also appointing an interim director of commercial operations (DCO) with responsibility for revenue management, network planning and scheduling, distribution, and global sales, and a director of commercial delivery (DCD) with responsibility for sales and marketing, customer experience, and cargo.

The DCO will be based in Antigua and the DCD in Barbados.

In response to the development, Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy indicated that the matter was only brought to his attention this evening.

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  1. Jason Bowen
    Jason Bowen August 12, 2014 at 3:04 am

    When will list start to reduce costs? All they seem to do is redistribute staff. How does this reduce costs in any significant way.


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