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Stoute dissatisfied with Games effort

President of the Barbados Olympic Association (BOA) Steve Stoute says he does not believe all the Barbados competitors at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games in Glasgow gave of their best and there is a need to examine the way forward.

Stoute in an interview told Barbados TODAY they would look in the future to evaluate the size of the team they send to the Commonwealth Games after Barbados’ poor showing in Scotland where the team only gained one medal through Shane Brathwaite in the 110m hurdles. Brathwaite’s bronze medal brought the tally to just 12 medals that Barbados have gained since their participation in the Commonwealth Games dating back to 1954.

Stoute said: “There are a number of aspects we need to take into consideration like the selection of teams. Both table tennis and badminton need to examine their strategies in respect to the selection of their team and the preparation of the team. We see the same individuals quite frequently and unable to get past the first, second or third round in the games and the BOA will be looking at this closely.”

The BOA president told Barbados TODAY that in excess of $300,000 was spent preparing athletes for the games and it was unfair for people to say that they were not looking after the preparation of the team.

“We spent a lot of money from basically the context of the size of the team and resources on team preparation. $50,000 was spent on netball alone. But it seems our team also need apart from the physical preparation, mental preparation also,” he said.

“The strategy going forward would be to reevaluate the size of the teams. Many times the size of a team is dependent on whether you have team sports on the team. The team sports really push up the numbers of the team but for Commonwealth Games netball is unique in that it is only at the big games that netball [is included] and Barbados was one of the countries that pushed hard to have netball included in the Commonwealth Games . . . I would think for the Commonwealth Games we would always make every effort to take netballers. We need to make every effort to talk with the netball association, the coaches, and management on the preparation of the team,” Stoute added.

He noted that Barbados’ athletes needed to resolve their deficiencies and made reference to weightlifter Ivorn McKnee. Stoute said if McKnee had lifted his normal weights he would have been a gold medal prospect but on the day he had major problems.


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  1. Rawle Spooner
    Rawle Spooner August 9, 2014 at 9:29 am

    Stupid BOA these competitors need world class training and competition before going to any games,this organisation is a joke plain and simple and needs someone who actually played some kinda sports running it.


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