March cancelled

Those present held up their placards rather than staging the march through Bridgetown.


It was supposed to be the third march through the streets of Bridgetown organised by senior attorney Robert Clarke.

But with just about a dozen people present, far below previous participation, Clarke decided to call it off.

However, he is insisting that their actions against the ruling administration are far from over.

In spite of the small crowd that turned out today, we will not give up this struggle on behalf of the working people. I believe

Robert Clarke
Senior attorney Robert Clarke

that they may feel afraid to be seen marching, to be seen showing discontent and maybe the Government [is] using underhanded measures to stop people from coming to these marches but that will not stop us,” Clarke said in a short statement.

We will continue this struggle until this Government falls. The reason for that is that the Government . . . has no understanding of how to run a government, they [members] have no concept of integrity, of decency, and though the people are suffering and continue to suffer they don’t seem to want to change that and therefore we will march, and march and march until that has changed,” Clarke stated.

The issues that were due to be highlighted by the march were the Municipal Solid Waste Tax, inadequate funding at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, unequal access to education and increasing taxes.



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