Freundel’s Crop Over do

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has given thumbs up to this year’s Crop Over Festival that concluded this week.

Stuart was speaking last night as he hosted the annual Crop Over Reception on the grounds of his official residence Ilaro Court, where he stated that by any objective measurement the country had had a very successful season once again –– even in spite of threatening weather on occasion.

Which drew the Prime Minister to observe that some of his Cabinet colleagues had advised against holding last night’s event on account of the unpredictable weather, but he had insisted because, as he said humorously –– and in quite classic style –– “Freundel knows; Freundel knows; Freundel knows”.

Stuart said the success of the season, “of course, is to be traced to the maturity of the people of Barbados and their capacity to handle events as large as Crop Over”. He added that this success could also be traced to the hindsight, insight and foresight of the Ministry of Culture and the National Cultural Foundation that had made sure once again that when Barbados was put on display, it emerged, “or we all emerged like knights in shining armour”.

“And I should like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Stephen Lashley and the staff of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and, of course, the board of management and the chief executive officer and members of staff of the National Cultural Foundation for the impressive execution once again of this Crop Over Festival,” the Prime Minister declared.

“As I understand it the festival lasted over about eight weeks. There were upwards about 40 events that were all well patronized and that is a tribute to Barbados; but it is also a tribute to those who planned the various events and guaranteed their exquisite and basically unflawed execution,” he added.

Stuart also referred to his being very pleased that he was once again able to host last night’s reception that officially climaxed the Crop Over Festival.

“I would want to think that you will spend today mixing and enjoying yourselves, inhaling all of the fragrances of the grounds of Ilaro Court and ensuring that this event is successful,” the Prime Minister said.

There was much food and wine last night, as guests were treated to a token of what the season had to offer, through performances by the 2014 music monarchs.

Some of those who braved Thursday night’s showers to attend the Crop Over reception at Ilaro Court.
Some of those who braved Thursday night’s showers to attend the Crop Over reception at Ilaro Court.
Party Monarch winner Gorg
Party Monarch winner Gorg singing My Rum.
Calypso Monarch Ian Webster
Calypso Monarch Ian Webster singing his Karaoke song.
2014 Junior Monarch Sammy G
2014 Junior Monarch Sammy G in the 13-18 category of the Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch performing her winning hit entitled My Tribute.


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