More young people looking outside for work

The head of a leading agency in the Caribbean is reporting that more and more young Barbadians and Caribbean nationals are looking to the overseas markets for employment.

Marcia Brandon, managing director of the Caribbean Center of Excellence, told the media this morning during an interview at the Center’s Dayrell’s Road, Christ Church office that many young professionals were coming to her for help in finding jobs in the regional market.

She reported that in May alone, she had been approached by almost 50 new people in and out of Barbados, seeking assistance and advice on getting into job markets for employment or internships outside of their home countries. She said the figure does not include an outstanding number of emails and messages she received through various mediums.

Brandon said in most instances those who came to her often complained that they could not find employment in their country while there were those who said they just wanted to experience another culture.

“They are coming to us because of the regional context that we work in. Many young people are branching out because in their minds the opportunities are not just in Barbados and if they are not here, there is nothing stopping [them] from going overseas, especially within the context of CARICOM.

Brandon also said there were a number of problems facing entrepreneurs that made it difficult for them to cope in the current economic climate.

She said a lack of creativity and an inability to make decisions were two of her biggest concerns, adding that the centre was seeking to address these issues through appropriate training and advice.


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