The 40 for the fortieth

What are the 40 most impactful calypsos over the past 40 years of the Crop Over Festival? And who delivered them?

Let’s be frank about this. There are far more than 40 of these melodic works offered in our calypso tents all this time that would have been gripping, stimulating –– and even inspiring. And so, the selection below will not have been come by without much mental toil and difficulty.

The 40 have been picked by Bajan Vibes from the best works of our storytellers and social commentators of the traditional calypso genre, and are presented for your recall and review. The artistes are presented alphabetically.


Ethiopian Rock, Woman (Adonijah)


Nice Time, This Melody (Adrian Clarke) 


Judgement Day, Politician (Black Pawn)


They Want To Know (Bumba)


Tell Them Calypsonians (Classic)


At Forty, I Man Bitter (Destroyer)


Leggo I Hand, Mr T (Grynner)


Tribute To The Skipper (John King)


No Shame At All, ZR Driver (Kid Site)


Faces (Lord Radio)


Mad Woman Jammin’, Snakes In The Grass (Mighty Carew)


Calypso, One Day Coming Soon, West Indian Politician (Mighty Gabby)


Born Sweet So, She Want Pan (Mighty Liar)


Rice Gone Up (PJ)


Minibus Man, Vampire (Pompey)


All Over The Place, Ballroom (Poonka)


Cornwell (Popsicle)


Can’t Party (Rita)


Brother Fuzzy, Gem Gone (Romeo)


Mr Harding, Something’s Happening (RPB)


Jogging, Steel In Dey (Serenader)


Brother Massiah, Tom Say (Sir Don)


Who The Hell Is Kim? (TC)


Doing Dixie (The Devil)

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