Leadpipe And Saddis thank fans

Leadpipe And Saddis had a feeling they would win Road March, but they thought it was Ben Up that had the revellers feeling Ah Feeling.

Leadpipe (right) and Saddis (left) with manager Ingrid Holder.
Leadpipe (right) and Saddis (left) with manager Ingrid Holder.

But it doesn’t matter the song, the Road March kings are happy with the win.

“It is a great feeling. We are very thankful for what we got, because we worked very hard,” Leadpipe said.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY at Divi Southwinds Hotel, the duo said that it had been a phenomenal year, and all thanks must go to the fans.

“It has been a great year for us. We were feeling a feeling; somebody bumpa get ben up; we made the girls do the rabbit and had others going giddy-up, giddy-up,” Leadpipe said with a laugh.

But on a more serious note he said: “We are very grateful for the love and support. Shout out to the fans; without them it would not have been possible.”

Now Crop Over is behind them, but these two, also known as Porgie And Murda, will still be working from sun-up till sundown.

“We will be leaving Barbados on Friday and will be out of the island every weekend for the next few months,” they said.

They are looking forward to their British tour and are also excited about a contract with Addidas, which is in the pipeline. As for next year they are already working on music –– lots of it.

However, where competition is concerned, they simply said: “Whatever happens happens.”


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