18th Grand Kadooment win for Squires

Squires 1
Gwyneth Squires

Gwyneth Squires has done it again, capturing the Robert Weekes Award for Best Festival Designer in both the Junior and Grand Kadooment.

Making a clean sweep in the majority of the categories, the veteran bandleader and designer, with her presentation Controversee, also captured the Large Band of the Year, Most Colourful Large Band, and Topical categories.

She also won in the Individual Male category with a costume worn by Adrian Brathwaite – Caught Up In A Net Of Diplomacy.  Her Female

Betty West
Betty West

Individuals, Shelly Durant (Dance Against The Duel) and Rhonda Stafford (Living In A Fool’s Paradise) came first and second respectively.  Best Flag Person went to Didi Winston.

Best Party Band went to Wednesday 2000, which also captured  Most Colourful Small Band.

Quincy Jones and Youth Explosion, again took away Community Costume and Presentation of the Year with Crop Over We Love.  They also were top band in the Historical Category.

2 Responses to 18th Grand Kadooment win for Squires

  1. Veroniva Boyce
    Veroniva Boyce August 5, 2014 at 11:06 am

    Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Angela Thompson Branch
    Angela Thompson Branch August 5, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    Great costumes,great flag person,decent costumes too.I could see what each person potrayed without being told ,unlike some who was just feathers,bathing suits.or nothing and mind you they all look beautiful but the theme cropover lost its way..It was good to see every one enjoying themselves.Congrats Lady Gwyneth.


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