Water is No. 1

Getting in gear for Crop Over



By now Grand Kadooment revellers would have selected their band of choice, fitted their costumes and pumped themselves up to jump and wine on the big day now just 72 hours away. Gearing up for the massive display of culture and colour can be very intense, and the thousands who hit the streets from morning to nightfall to enjoy the grand party will tell you that you must be in the peak of health.

To get in shape, most swear off unhealthy, fatty foods as they join a gym or take to the highways to walk or jog.

According to fitness consultant James Sheppard, jumping in a band is no easy feat and it can be quite physically demanding. He advises that those who plan to join the fun should decide early and start by checking in with their doctor.

“It is best to get advice from your doctor as to whether or not you have any pre-existing ailments that may cause you problems on the road, or may lend to dehydration. It is advisable to get a doctor’s clearance to jump on the road.”

With that out of the way, Sheppard says revellers should kick-start their fitnesss routine well in advance to ensure they are ready to meet the demands of the road.

“You need at least a minimum of eight weeks to start preparing for Kadooment,” he recommends, while pointing out that the exercise routine should be geared towards preparing the body for the rigours of jumping.

water bottle

“Having a strong cardiovascular system is really important. Make sure you get your running and jogging in; do your squats and sit-ups, push-ups, those basic exercises would be very basic to help you get through the day in a strong and healthy frame of mind and body. Those things are important for getting you well prepared for the road.”

But as always, Sheppard stressed exercise must be accompanied by proper eating and adequate rest.

“It’s really important to have a well balanced diet which will involve your using the necessary amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and proteins and fruits and vegetables. It’s really important to have water in your diet.”

He noted that far too many revellers failed to drink adequate amounts of water only to suffer dehydration, which he cautioned is not fun.

“The best thing for you is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Water is your friend on that day. As much as you may want to consume copious amounts of alcohol, water definitely is your friend; and that will help you to get to the very end.”

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