Parliament plans to upgrade its technology

A work in progress.

That’s how Speaker of the House Michael Carrington described plans to make the country’s 375-year-old Parliament more technologically savvy.

Michael Carrington
Michael Carrington

“When the Standing Orders as we have them were designed, we weren’t so advanced technologically, so the various parliaments have been looking at that. We in Barbados are looking at it as well, so in addition to making Parliament itself technologically savvy in terms of its outreach programme where it does business, we are also looking at of how we treat journalists and their equipment as we move forward,” Carrington said today.

The House Speaker made the announcement as he addressed a press conference at the 39th Annual Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) meeting underway at the Hilton Barbados.

Carrington, who is the outgoing Chairman of the CPA, also revealed that the grouping had unanimously endorsed the Speaker of the House in the Cayman Islands, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, as its candidate for the post of Chairperson of the International CPA.

The election will take place at the 60th Annual International Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference which will be held October 2-10, 2014 in Cameroon.

In accepting the nomination, O’Connor-Connolly pledged to put the plight of the Commonwealth at the forefront if she is elected.

“I am privileged to accept the nomination and for the expressed confidence that has been nominated for our regional CPA and all of its delegates.

“I will work assiduously for the preservation of the goals and objectives of the CPA, which include, but are by no means, limited to the preservation of peace throughout the Commonwealth, the eradication of poverty, the empowerment of our young people and the engagement of the populace at large,” she said.

“I look forward with great anticipation in going to Cameroon, knowing that I will be the candidate of the Caribbean and I assure you that if successful I would work diligently throughout the duration of the term to ensure that the Caribbean will continue in its rich heritage of transparency, accountability and properly administrating whatever forum we find ourselves in.”

Trinidad and Tobago’s House Speaker Wade Mark said the Caribbean would go all out to ensure that its candidate is elected.

“We are mobilising our 19 territories and their various delegations to go to Cameroon so that we can all collectively vote for our candidate and at the same time mobilize different areas of the Commonwealth, the African region, the Asian region, and other regions, whether it’s Australia the UK, Canada, so that we can get unanimous support for the candidature of our nominee.

“We feel confident that our honourable colleague will emerge victorious in that contest if there is going to be one. We look forward to her assuming that prestigious office and playing a very critical role in promoting and expanding the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association during the period when she would serves as its new chairman,” Mark said.


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