Barrack issue still unsettled

The dispute between government and contractor Al Barrack is still not settled.

Al Barrack
Al Barrack

That’s the position of Barrack’s attorney, Queen’s Counsel Maurice King who said today he had no idea where information in another section of the Press that a deal had been struck, had come from.

He told Barbados TODAY that as far as he knew, the matter of payment for his client was still under negotiation.

The media report said that Cabinet had agreed to hand over the Warrens Office Complex to Barrack and pay him an additional $13 million to make up the difference between the value of the building and the over $73 million owed to him for his part in completing the office complex.

Two weeks ago, when the parties met in the High Court seeking a settlement, the case was adjourned and no new date was set for the hearing.


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