Stop complaining!

Stop complaining about lack of creativity and do something about it!

That’s the message Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley is sending to the masquerade network amid complaints that there is too much nudity and not enough creativity in Grand Kadooment costumes.

During a tour of band houses this evening, veteran bandleader Betty West voiced the concern.

She told the media as the minister visited her band house in Welches, Christ Church that bandleaders could do better to help women, in particular, “realize that we could look beautiful without being out there with hardly anything on”.

However, speaking with Barbados TODAY, Lashley challenged costume producers to network with each other to improve the offerings. He said there was a need for information, techniques and styles to be shared to address the issue.

“There is nothing preventing that. I keep hearing year after year that there is a lack of creativity [but] the question is, ‘What are we going to do about it?’ There is a need for a more proactive, streamlined approach that can actually translate some of the concerns of the lack of creativity into improvement and into systematically getting to the root of it and improving what we have,” he said.

“This is an opportunity for Crop Over bands to do more networking. If that happens then of course the shared talent, the shared techniques can be used to better reflect what I believe everybody wants and that is a more enhanced show at Grand Kadooment.”

“I think this has to be where the Crop Over masquerade society comes together within the context of what we are seeking to get to, because Crop Over is no longer to be seen as just an ordinary festival. It is an international festival which reflects Barbadian heritage and traditions, and within the context of the cultural industry, festivals have got to take on the role of spurring wider economic development,” Lashley added.


2 Responses to Stop complaining!

  1. Sanderson Rowe July 30, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    With the cost of costumes ranging ,as quoted in another section of the press,for US$500-US$1800. This is creativity at its highest. The creation of wealth for some.

  2. Patrick Blackman July 31, 2014 at 11:46 pm

    This minister is an idiot from school days I knew this fool. tell us what is your development policy for this area, can you clearly outline it sir.


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