More Monarch concerts likely

Lashley says shows could be a fixture

The thousands of patrons who still wanted more after leaving last Friday’s 40th Anniversary Monarchs In Concert show at the National Stadium may get their wish.

Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley tells Barbados TODAY a similar event could become a permanent fixture on the Crop Over calendar. Speaking after the touring of several Grand Kadooment band houses yesterday evening, Lashley said this was an idea that the National Cultural Foundation, the organization responsible for the staging of the show, was seriously looking at.

The minister further said that while the intent of the event was initially to pay tribute to the monarchs of the past 40 years, he however believed salutes should be given more often on some special anniversary. It was for this reason that, on hindsight, the NCF thought of integrating it into Cohobblopot –– something the foundation and its stakeholders would look to,
going forward.

Stephen Lashley
Stephen Lashley

“I’m sure it will be the subject of discussion and fine-tuning to ensure that what we can do is done in the best traditions of Crop Over; but I certainly believe that it is a particular event we will want to do again. We will have to do it in a manner that is something we can actually market properly,” Lashley said.

“We wouldn’t want to do it in the same way in terms of the 40th anniversary; but I believe it has been sufficiently successful to be able to hold up as one of those things that we would want to do; and I’m sure that the NCF will be busy working with the various stakeholders to see how to brand it appropriately and bring it back perhaps in a different way,” the minister added.

About the much touted trademarking of Crop Over, Lashley divulged that the process was now at the legal stages. He said discussions were now being held with the NCF attorneys and once those talks were “constructive”, the NCF would be moving ahead with the plan.

“We [intend] to protect the brand Crop Over. Over the years we had traditionally a number of private sector entities who have dedicated themselves to continued and sustained sponsorship; but then they are others who basically don’t put anything into the festival, but they are very quick to use the brand. But I have indicated that once they are not forthcoming in sponsorship or supporting the festival, [the branding] would ensure that they pay in terms of appropriate licences to use the brand Crop Over. That is something that we are going to pursue . . . .

“We have a vested interest in protecting the brand of Crop Over, whether or not it is designed to ensure that persons who use the brand do so in a manner that is responsible . . . . We [must] protect the international brand, because Crop Over is an international festival.

“The intent has now mushroomed into action. So we are moving ahead with that and we are moving ahead to protect the brand of Crop Over,” Lashley added.


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