Clapham take Division One title

Clapham Bulls are the 2014 Barbados Amateur Basketball Association’s Division One champions after defeating Patriots 65-46 in game three at the YMCA
on Saturday.

One might have thought that the heavens were watching the epic event due to brief, strategic showers that fell before the game and at the closing of every quarter. Well if the heavens were paying attention it would stand to reason the referee also should have been but several questionable calls had many at the YMCA up in arms and questioning the rules of the game.

The battle began at 8:45 p.m. with Bull’s Mark Leacock opening the scoring with two points followed by Mark Foster getting on the scoresheet. Patriots’ Julian Walcott led the early offence for his side putting up four points in the first quarter. The pace was slow as the Bulls ended the first quarter with a 14-7 advantage.

The youthful Patriots came back in the second quarter to outscore the Bulls, tallying 16 points to the Bulls’ 13. Turnovers due to bad passes were a feature of the second and third periods and contributed significantly to the Bull’s outscoring the patriots, if only by two points, 13-11, before the rain threatened to bring the game to a premature end. Bulls’ Damien Jones and Patriots’ Omari Jackson provided the energy for their respective teams during the subsequent exchanges in the third period.

Jackson was in good touch with a two-pointer, a three-point shot and one out of two from the line. Jones’ response was a three pointer from the left.

In the final period, Jones continued to rain threes which motivated his team while Mark Leacock made his presence felt with ten vital points. Guard Rahiim Gibbons contributed with a three pointer from the top of the arch which basically nailed the coffin for Patriots, even though Jackson and Jehnard Brewster continued their efforts to keep the Patriots in the game. Bull’s endurance showed as they outscored the Patriots 25 points to 12 in the final quarter.

Leacock finished with 20 points, Gibbons 12 and Jones 11. Jackson and Brewster had nine points each for Patriots.

Source: (DG-B)

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