Vendors complain

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While hard times may have contributed to a big drop in sales at Junior Kadooment, operators of several stalls are upset over the early end of the event.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY as the last band crossed the track at the National Stadium just before 2 pm, vendors called for the length of the event to be extended.

A visibly displeased Lydia Myers queried why the usual after party was not held to “help vendors make a living”.

“Now sales start to pick up, the show done and people gine home. The should of finished about 5/6 o’clock; This finish too early,” she lamented.

” . . . There is usually a concert after, but we realise this year there was nothing so people just start to go home. Now time for we to start pick up sales everybody gone home,” Myers stressed.

Troy JordanThings were equally dreadful for Troy Jordan, who told Barbados TODAY sales were so depressing that he was already looking to next year’s Junior Kadooment for an improvement.

Jordan, who sold mostly hotdogs and hamburgers, called for renovations to be made to the stadium as he believed the present conditions contributed to low number of spectators in the stands today.

“I feel if the place was cleaned up more people would come to the stadium. This stadium needs to be renovated. One time when you look back at the TV you would see how ram the place was, now you don’t see the people like that,” he pointed out.

Jordan said he intends to pitch his stall again for Grand Kadooment.

“I hope things improve. You know the recession on and everybody watching their pockets but I am thankful for whatever I get,” he said.

Those few vendors plying their trade along Stadium Road, outside of the National Stadium, were not better off. They too complained that this year’s sales were far lower than in 2013.

“Outside very tight but I thank God for what I get. This is a rough year but we got to learn to buy what we need and not what we see. I’m Cynthia Kinggiving thanks for small mercies. Thank God we are not worse. There are some worst off than we. A lot of children out there eating dirt to make a living. In everything give thanks and praise, vendor Cynthia King added.


2 Responses to Vendors complain

  1. Randolph Sobers
    Randolph Sobers July 27, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    Make things right for the people it is enough money for everybody

  2. Patrick Blackman July 27, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    You are all selling the same crap. Work together instead of for yourself


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