Against genocide

March in support of Palestine

A little more than 60 persons turned out to support this afternoon’s picket outside the Israeli Honourary Consulate on Palmetto Street in the City.

The protest held in collaboration with the Caribbean Against Apartheid in Palestine Group and the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration was staged in a show of solidarity with the people in Palestine. From about three o’clock, the protesters, mostly of Asian descent, loudly voiced their contempt for what they described as genocide occurring in Palestine.

With placards detailing the oppression of Palestinians for more than seven decades, they pleaded for world nations to come together to end the bloodshed and suffering of the people.

Enough is enough!
Enough is enough!

Championing the cause, social activist David Comissiong pleaded with Barbadians to embrace the cause of the Palestinian people and give them their undying solidarity and support.

And though many Barbadians did not appear too concerned about the cause, Comissiong implored “all right thinking people” to do whatever they could to bring an end to, what he called, the horrendous system of murder and genocide that was being inflicted upon the people.

“Let it be said that as small as we are as a nation, that we tried. That we denounced this injustice against the Palestinian people. And we are asking all of the people of Barbados . . . the descendants of people who went through the worst forms of oppression during those centuries of slavery and colonialism, we of all people must have an empathy, must have an undying sympathy with those in this modern world who suffer injustice. Let the Palestinian cause be our cause as well,” he said.

“We are calling upon every power in this world that can bring an end to the suffering of the Palestinian people. . . we are calling upon the governments of the Caribbean region, we are calling upon CARICOM, we are calling  upon our own Barbados Government . . . . We cannot simply sit back and allow the Israeli military with impunity to slaughter Palestinian women, children, and men. It is not right,” Comissiong said.


2 Responses to Against genocide

  1. Moira Jilani July 25, 2014 at 12:35 am

    Ah Salam Alikom,
    Iam a Bajan living in shufat Jerusalem, Palestine. Thank you for standing up and giving a voice to the people in Gaza.I grately appreciate my brothers and sisters from our small island for the support.

    Allah mack

  2. Patrick Blackman July 25, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    The right thing to do we need to stop these kharzars….


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