Monarch ready to defend title

With fewer than ten days to go before the battle royal to determine Pic-O-De-Crop dominance in Barbados, the reigning monarch Ian Webster says he’s “pretty much ready right about now”.

Ian Webster
Ian Webster

He told Bajan Vibes ahead of the Finals that he just had “what you would call the icing pun de cake to sort out now, but most things are pretty much in order”.

Whereas last year, Webster sang Things You Do For Love and One Blood, he is running off his mouth in Karaoke Song about the goings-on nightly at these singing sessions, Barbados’ most popular form of entertainment at rum shops, bars and hotels; and Still My Home, a sweet selection that is basically an ode to Barbados.

Last Friday, a formidable nine were chosen from a field of 18 to advance to the August 1 Finals at Kensington OvalMikey, Classic, Biggie Irie, Adrian Clarke, Chrystal Cummins-Beckles, first-time finalist Miguel, Kid Site, Announcer and Blood have all signalled their intention to come strong to wear the title which Webster currently does.

“There is always competition. I watch everybody. I don’t ever take anything lightly or count eggs before they hatch. I say that over and over, simply because of the fact that anything can happen at any time,” Webster said with a laugh. “I don’t attempt to become arrogant or anything like that. I don’t assume that because I have what is in my opinion or in the opinion of others some pretty solid material, that all of the dots will line up.

“I am always aware that anything can happen at any time; so the important thing right now is to make sure that I prepare myself as best as I can and then when I go on stage make sure that I execute the plan that was set up,” the monarch said.

Meanwhile, Webster has been having what he described as a very challenging season, as far as his voice is concerned.

“I’ve had a lot of work, having just teamed up with Kirk Brown and the Energy Band. We have been doing a lot of gigs, and the workload has somewhat taken a toll on my voice; but I have taken some steps to rectify that.

“During the season after a performance like the one I just had [at Soca On De Hill], I would have been very hoarse after that; but it seems that everything is working out nicely –– medical advice that I was given seems to be working; so I’m pretty happy.

“Like I said, things are really coming together nicely. It is a lot of work. It is challenging; but Crop Over only comes once a year,” Webster noted.


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