CPL a catalyst for change

The Caribbean Premier League can be the catalyst for positive change in West Indies cricket says Tom Moody, the international cricket director of the league.

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“We are bringing some of the leading players in the world to play in the league along with the top cricketers from the region. In addition we also have a development programme that includes several young West Indies cricketers. It is our intention that these young cricketers will learn and develop from their association with the senior West Indian and international cricketers who are playing in the CPL and as a result West Indies cricket will benefit,” Moody told Barbados TODAY.

He explained that the CPL played a  multiple role in West Indies cricket along with its fast paced and entertainment value.

“Our brand of cricket is exciting and brings a new demographic to the game. We hope that the CPL will create interest among younger fans in the region who
will become attracted to first-class and Test cricket,”  the former Australian all-rounder said..

Moody said  that the newest version of the game should not be compared with Test cricket because the longer form of the game was the holy grail. He however added that T20 cricket would create a new awareness of the Test and first-class cricket.

The former manager of the Sri Lanka team said that the was looking forward to his stint with the CPL.

“This competition has generated interest throughout the cricket world. This year it will be televised in Asia, England, Australia and North America so it will be beamed into millions of households.”

He added that every cricketer had a soft spot for the West Indies and longed to play cricket here which made it easy to attract players to the CPL. Moody who played eight Test matches and 37 One-Day International  matches for Australia, said it was a privilege to be part of the CPL.

Moody was appointed to his post with the CPL in March this year.

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  1. Tony Webster July 23, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    The only “new dynamic” that CPL brings…is NOT new. This is pure-and-simple…a play for The Mighty Dollar.
    The only new dynamics YET TO COME, is to make a few li’l change to some rules that now have become archaic:-
    1. Allow (force?) “batters” to use those perfectly-round bats, such as are used on baseball “diamonds” elsewhere. This will enable LOTS more youngsters to acquire “cricket gear”, as the cost of one is just a few bucks. Additionally, and although current “big hits” even now add “excitement” as to where the ball will eventually land, the use of a perfectly-round “bat”, will certainly increase the incidence of “skied” balls. Betting in/ on/ within the “professional leagues” is now BIG-TIME, so why not go “whole-hog”? CPL could have “bets-on-the-fly”, using an “app” designed for instantaneous betting via smartphones: (press 1= gone straight up; press 2= gone for 6 over long-off; press 3= all three stumps left un-protected and all end up at fine leg-boundary etc) The Ministry of Tourism, Nota Bene: there is a golden opportunity to add this “new sport” to liven up our tourism offerings! Dem yankees could never master the finer nuances parts of our game, but what the heck: BRING DEM IN; gi’ dem three-four rum punches, OUT come their smart-phones to bet on each ball; each wicket; whatever. Cheaper than Vegas…and we girls bettah lookin’ by far!!

    2. Allow.…(sorry, require) bowlers to add a lil’ speed…an’ a lil’ mo’ spice, to the other end of the pitch also: MEK dem pelt. Well, so what if some balls come along at 147 m.p.h.?? Ain’t dat does ‘appen even now, in baseball?

    3. Given the incidence , even now, of skied” balls that resemble moon-shots ex Cape Canaveral, allow for one more rule-change. Hence-forth, when what we used to call a “dolly” catch is offered to a “fielder”…and said fielder can catch the ball …not with his hands…but with his mouth…he will win an instant bonus of US$25k, PLUS a kiss from Rihana (who will surely be sitting there in the box next to the Governor-General) AND said fielder / mouth-catcher will also be allowed TWO opportunities to bat , when his time comes-around. Yes, the CPL guys will need an orthodontist in attendance , for mishaps…er…mis-bites.

    It’s a win-win-win, Mr. Sealy…just check wid Mr. Lashley to gi’ it a try…befo’ dem Trinnies get their grubby hands on dis jack-pot-in-de-waiting!! The only REALLY tufff nut remaining…is this: what do we call the new game?


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