‘Barbados netballers fast, full of potential’

The athletic ability of young netballers in Barbados coupled with their speed on the court can take them very far says Delyth Truman, coach of the Sir Thomas Piton netball team from England currently touring Barbados.

Truman told Barbados TODAY the style of play she has seen so far by local netballers was different from what they were accustomed to.

“The play here is very laid back, their skill level is so high and honestly they are a bit more athletic than our players are. We find ourselves having to keep the ball safe before they take the ball out of our possession because they are so fast,” Truman said.

It has been over a decade since the Sir Thomas Piton netball team has been touring Barbados and for the coaches and players it has been a wonderful experience so far and they simply cannot get enough of the talent they have seen.


Lulu Gibbsons, who played goal-keep with the Lady Eleanor Holles team, looking to keep the ball  on their side  of the court.
Lulu Gibbsons, who played goal-keep with the Lady Eleanor Holles team, looking to keep the ball
on their side
of the court.

Captain of the Sir Thomas Piton touring team, Esme Bellerby, and teammate Hari Truman, are two of the most experienced players touring with the team and said when they saw netballers from the Caribbean playing on television it was one thing, but to actually play against them was another because they were even faster and more physical.

“It is just interesting to see the different kinds of styles and you see the players on television but you don’t get to appreciate them until you play against them. Like we played against them here this morning and one minute you don’t see them and then the next minute you feel this long arm come around you looking to snatch the ball away which is like extremely athletic.

“I think the girls here love playing and like we play according to our age group but the girls here take it more seriously and play in all different age groups. We see
little tiny girls just hitting the ball around and just enjoying the game and compared to us back home being serious, they are just laughing and playing which is what it is all about.

“And what is amazing is that we are playing then the sun comes out and we are like ‘water, water, water’ but they just continue playing like they are not affected by the weather at all,” Bellerby told Barbados TODAY.

Wirral netball team is also on tour and will be playing a few netball matches before they depart next week Wednesday. In a few matches played this morning at the Netball Stadium, Summer Camp select team defeated Lady Eleanor 22-21 while Combined School team won 20-8 against Sir Thomas Piton.



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