At Two Smart door

New movie already making waves overseas

There is an old Barbadian adage that “one smart dead at two smart door”, and if you were fortunate to go and see the local film that opened in theatres this evening under the same name –– Two Smart, produced by Bajans In Motion, you will, like me, believe that that is true.

Some of the cast and crew of Bajan flick Two Smart.
Some of the cast and crew of Bajan flick Two Smart.

Shakirah Bourne wrote the R-rated movie, that follows on the heels of the production company’s first full feature film PayDay. It is psychological thriller about a disgruntled married couple and a hitchhiker trapped in a gully during a tropical storm. The long night reveals a tangled web of lies and betrayal from the three characters: Jonathan (George Gill) who is the nerdy husband to the materialistic and at times unreasonable Marjorie (Alison Hinds ); and then there is the hitchhiker Desiree (Saran Lashley) with a bit of baggage.

The film’s director Ricky Redman told reporters after the screening of the film it was a first for Barbados.

“We’ve come up with a serious movie, not necessarily a comedy, but something through which we have taken a leap; and there is more to come. The other [movies] we did were serious, but were comedies. The thing about Bajans In Motion, we are looking to do three movies a year.

“This movie was actually shooting while our first movie PayDay was in the cinema. The Next PayDay has already been shot. It has to be edited, so that was shot before this even got to cinema. So we are on track for three movies a year,” he said.

Redman noted that interest in the Two Smart had been extended beyond these shores, as far as the North American continent.

“We have submitted a rough cut to a number of festivals and we have been accepted in Toronto; so we are going to be featured there. I believe we got nominated for a People’s Choice [award] at their festival and we are also going to be in Trinidad. We got accepted at their festival.

Two Smart was moving actually before it hit the screens here in Barbados,” the director revealed of the film that “has followed in the same vein as PayDay . . . because the same week we were premiering we actually had to be flying out to Toronto”.


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