Bikers apologise to police

The Black Knight Bikers club has issued a public apology to the police after members were pulled out of the Crop Over ceremonial parade late last month for breaches in rules.

The bikers were accused of starting at the wrong point and failing to properly display their number plates.

The bikers were pulled out of the parade for breaching the rules.
The bikers were pulled out of the parade for breaching the rules.

In a statement issued on the matter, President Fabian Reeves said the club “humbly apologises to the law for not having our plates displayed where the senior officer said it should be”.

“ . . . We are in the process of taking the bikes to Ministry of Transport and Works to ensure this is clarified and rectified, so that incidents of this nature do not occur again,” Reeves said.

However, the club has denied being cautioned by a representative of the Royal Barbados Police Force about being on the road at any time prior to the staging of the Crop Over City Fest and Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes.

“The group refutes the claims that were made in the media, where they quoted an officer as saying that The Black Knight Bikers were cautioned on two occasions. Maybe bikers were indeed cautioned before, but no member of this group, has been subject to such, at any time,” the president stated.

“We have met with the NCF and look forward to meeting soon with the RBPF, if that invitation is accepted, so that we can speak on this and other matters, since the group’s mission is to make a difference; and to remove the stereotype that has been placed on biking for years.”

Representatives of the club have reportedly met with National Cultural Foundation officials, and are hoping to meet soon with RBPF officers to discuss this and other matters.

“We are ensuring that incidents of this nature never occur and we are ensuring that while our plates have always been displayed on all the bikes, they are in a position that is compliant with the law,” Reeves added in the statement.



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