Hill alive with soca

The ridge was alive with the sweet sounds of soca yesterday, as thousands converged on the historic Farley Hill National Park.

Soca On The Hill this year attracted, by police estimates, over 8,500 people, many of who had started to gather from as early as 11 a.m. when the gates were officially opened.

And as opening act Power Circle struck the first chords, the early crowd, though at first small in number, showed what it was     they had come for: the soca.

Throughout the evening, they would be treated to a packed programme: krosfyah, Kes The Band, Jaquain Hannibal Smith, Orlando Perez out of Britain, Timmy, Rameses, Stiffy, Star Quality, Villain, Veersewild, Brett, Ian iWeb Webster and Farmer Ubu.

Lead singer of Kes The Band Kees Diffenthaller.
Lead singer of Kes The Band Kees Diffenthaller.
Edwin Yearwood
Edwin Yearwood

These performers set the stage for what was to be a high-energy, all-out, sunset jam, featuring the likes of Soca Kartel, Gorg, Lil Rick And The HypaKids, and Porgie & Murda who are also Leadpipe & Saddis.

There were stellar performances too from Farmer Nappy, as he got everyone in what was the “biggest Crop Over fete” yet going with his Big People Party.

Blaxx too! He commanded the masses to Leh Go, who willingly obeyed as they were fed a strong diet of soca hits –– old and new –– from Skinny Fabulous, Peter Ram, Shaunta, Prince, Red Plastic Bag and Biggie Irie.

When the curtains came down on the event, many could be heard declaring “the Crop Over spirit now reach”.


2 Responses to Hill alive with soca

  1. Collin Colliie Chase
    Collin Colliie Chase July 21, 2014 at 10:51 pm

    They say d people ain’t got no money.

  2. Mac10 July 22, 2014 at 10:18 am

    8500 people at Soca on the Hill & less than a 100 people march to defend themselves against government policy. PRIOIRITIES PEOPLE!!!!!!!!


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