The people’s views on Solid Waste Tax

A team from Barbados TODAY hit the streets today to find out what some residents are saying about Government’s waiver on the Municipal Solid Waste Tax. Here are their views.

different people different opinion

Ken Reece: “The whole thing was not thought out. If you [are] going to tax people sit down and try to look at the different demographics and see how [it would work] but this is just an afterthought. [The changes] only came about because of the noise that  different people have been making.”

Albert Broomes:  “It came as a burden to me because I went and I paid my tax. I receive a pension, . . . non-contributory pension, and on Monday, I got $290 and I went and paid . . . $288 and I say from the Government back to the Government. I gave it back to them. I spend all my time at sea sailing out of Barbados so for me it was a harsh tax. The Government should know what it’s doing. A lot of poor people getting affected by it. I don’t work nowhere, my wife don’t work nowhere; I stopped working since 1993.”


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  1. Jim Cowling July 30, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    Message for Albert Broomes: Albert, if you were the Lampy on the ‘Halifax Star’ in 1965 please get in touch & I’ll look you up next time in Bridgetown.
    Regards ‘Lizard’ (Cadet)


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