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Chefette and Nexcyx bring smiles

Over 15 children with life-threatening diseases were treated at the Chefette Restaurant at Welches in St Thomas yesterday.

NexCyx and Kate Godfrey, manager of Priva Barbados nightclub, organized the event with the Precious Touch Foundation to bring smiles to the faces of the children who usually have a difficult time.

Russell Padmore and Kate Godfrey in conversation during the visit to Chefette.
Russell Padmore and Kate Godfrey in conversation during the visit to Chefette.

“Chefette provided food and the play park was there for them to enjoy, we just wanted them to have fun for a change,” Godfrey said.

Unfortunately, the children could not enjoy the new three-storeyed playground due to the inclement weather.

Nevertheless, they stayed indoors and sang along with NexCyx who provided live entertainment.

Russell Padmore, spokesperson for the band, said they were excited to be working with the charitable foundation.

“We decided to bring the children to have some fun. We work with charities from time to time, and we love working with the children,” Padmore said.

Manager of the Chefette Welches branch, Nthabiseng Ramorola, said the restaurant was pleased to host the activity.

“Children always come first; so I am always happy to help out in making them happy. So we are giving them the best food and best quality service, I am just sorry they can’t go into the playground because of the rain,” she said.

The Precious Touch Foundation is a charity that grants wishes to children between the ages of two and 16 who have been diagnosed with life-threatening diseases. The children have the option of going somewhere, being presented with something they’ve always wanted, meeting someone they look up to or to “be someone” they want to be for a day.

NexCyx entertaining the children at Chefette Warrens today.
NexCyx entertaining the children at Chefette Warrens today.

This evening, Saniyah Ollivere will get a two-in-one wish when she receives a tablet she always wanted from entertainer Mikey.

Her mother Natalie Olliverre said she knew her daughter would be over the moon by her surprise.

“She loves Mikey so much. He is her imaginary friend and she talks to him all the time; she sings with him . . . she will be very happy,” Natalie said.

Founder and president of the foundation, Adorial Maxwell-Hazell, added that she was thankful for the sponsors who assisted in bringing smiles to the faces of the children.


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