Cancer Society welcomes help

One local business has come to the assistance of the Barbados Cancer Society.

Today, A.A Laquis Limited donated 1,200 disposable diapers, including 600 large and 600 medium, to the charitable organisation.

During an interview with Barbados TODAY last week, the head of the Cancer Society Dr Dorothy Cooke-Johnson had appealed for public assistance in the face of a recent shortage of drugs and other medical supplies at the state-run Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

In particular, she had expressed concern about the impact of the shortages on cancer patients.

“The Society is very pleased to receive these items,” said Dr Cooke Johnson during today’s short presentation ceremony, which took place at the company’s store at Lanterns Mall, Hastings, Christ Church.

She said contact had already been made with the caregivers who were equally pleased about the donation.

In appealing for further assistance from the public, Dr Cooke-Johnson pointed out that many cancer sufferers received prescriptions for drugs, which were not available free of cost but at “enormous” expense to the patients.

“Many drugs were paid for by the hospital, but the prices are a great demand on the health budget,” she said, noting that Glevec, which is usually prescribed to leukaemia patients, was presently being made available to an estimated 20 patients at a cost of over one million dollars to the QEH.


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