Two Smart premieres July 17

Barbados’ first psychological thriller Two Smart will premiere at Olympus Theatres tomorrow, July 17, under the auspices of Rotary Club Of Barbados South.

TWO SMART premieres at Olympus Theatres.

Featuring popular Soca Queen Alison Hinds, George Gill and Saran Lashley, Two Smart is about a disgruntled married couple and a hitchhiker who gets trapped in a gully during a tropical storm.

Writer of this full-length feature movie, Shakirah Bourne, explained her vision was to stage the entire story in a single intimate space to heighten the emotion and absorb the audience right into the action.

“I wanted to see if I could write a feature film that was set in one unconventional location with just three characters,” she stated. “This movie has multiple plot twists and will keep the audience in suspense down to the final scene. The catchphrase ‘You are never as clever as you think’ is not only relevant
to the plot; it is also a message to the audience to prepare to be outsmarted.”

Ricky Redman, who co-directed this movie with Bourne, said that in spite of this being their first time directing a full-length movie, they were excited and felt they had achieved beyond their objectives. He described his first directing experience as rewarding because he was able to help Bourne create and achieve her vision.

“At times I was like a bridge between the director of photography and the writer, who also happened to be my co-director. We have the kind of synergy that allows us to create and effect remarkable results,” Redman added.

“And working with dedicated and talented actors made this even better than we imagined. Their acting was so believable that at times we could not look away, even though we knew the script inside out.”

Bourne and Redman further remarked that Two Smart did not rely on special effects to captivate the audience like some other movies.

“Instead we worked with the actors to bring out that passion and emotion to grip the audience and keep them in suspense throughout the entire experience.”

And they cannot wait to see the reaction of the audience.

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