Gabrielle breaks the silence

Walking through the Grand Salle of the Central Bank of Barbados, you are taken on a journey by some of the island’s most exciting artists –– one being Gabrielle Moore.

This Barbados Community College fine arts student’s work is the first that jumps out at you. It is a mixed-media piece of a woman curled into the foetal position. As you draw closer, you notice the piece it is made up of clear tape.

The figure is wearing a very simple skirt made out of what looks like a newspaper obituaries page.

Cut into the woman’s skin are words of hate and abuse, as too are the metal ones coming from the head –– words like Weirdo, Nasty, Ugly, Musty, Fat and Worthless.

“That piece is Break The Silence –– End The Verbal Abuse,” artist Gabrielle told Bajan Vibes.

“I also have a piece here that looks at child sexual abuse . . . . There is another one that I did, and that is in keeping with the theme of the Fine Arts Festival –– From Harvest Home To Crop Over. That one is in the Old Spirit Bond exhibition space.

“Both pieces together took three months to do. With Break The Silence, I basically moulded myself using plastic wrap.  I pasted it onto my skin and then the packing tape on the first time. Then I realized that it was not at all stable; so I then tried bubble wrap to stuff it. After that, I cut it off.  The plastic wrap stopped the tape from sticking to my skin. So I just took the scissors, cut it off, stuck back the ends I had cut and wrapped it,” she explained

Gabrielle was one of two of the BCC’s arts students, whose pieces were among the nine exhibits receiving Incentive Awards. The other was Kia Redman for her project entitled Transmissions 1,2,3.

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