Mottley bashes Governor’s decision

Totally unacceptable!

That is how Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley has described the decision of Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados Dr Delisle Worrell to break with custom by not holding a press conference following tomorrow’s release of the quarterly economic report.

Opposition Leader  Mia Mottley.
Opposition Leader
Mia Mottley.

Mottley insisted that Barbadians need to hear from the Governor on the state of the economy, the country’s reserves and how to finance the deficit.

“These issues have to be addressed. We cannot boost confidence in this economy by hiding and shrinking away from the real facts. People need more than ever to hear from the Governor and I trust and pray that the Government will recognise this and remedy this matter urgently,” Mottley said.

“In addition to having the Governor speak, the Government really needs to say to the Governor of the Central Bank that it is unsatisfactory that quarterly review after quarterly review we continue to have omissions in relation to key economic data. The truth is that this Government can gain nothing from hiding either as a Government or the Governor, in terms of not speaking. Barbadians need the full and frank facts and we have said over and over that this is the only way in which confidence can be boosted in an economy that has faced credit downgrade after credit downgrade and continues to face the difficult situation of not being able to raise funds to help finance its deficit,” the Opposition Leader added.


2 Responses to Mottley bashes Governor’s decision

  1. Patrick Blackman July 14, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    Its very easy to be critical when you are not running the show, instead of making all of this hot air tell us what the government should do to correct the problems we face. Constructive criticism is always welcomed Mia, political campaigning is not. If you have the interest of bajans at heart,assist the government by providing constructive ideas not just grand statnding when ever you get the chance.

    The central can break with tradition when ever it feels like, unless it is written in the statute books somewhere the central bank doesn’t have to say swat to the people, they only have to report to the government.

    You seem not to be satisfied with attacking the government, now you need to ridicule the governor of the bank, how low can you get. You bring nothing to the table… go back and think about your contribution to the country and then come back and tell us.

    When the USA talked about your lack of credibility and knowledge I was quite upset but you they were right… you bring nothing to the table. Stop picking fights to score political points and help your country out of this mess with constructive advice….

  2. Patricia Blenman July 15, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    Patrick Blackman, if that is your real name, no amount of criticizing Miss Mottley is going to convince Bajans that this government is either competent or has done a good job.

    Miss Mottley has offered countless suggestions and solutions to the Government since 2008 only to be laughed at, cursed, quarreled with and ignored.

    Time to face the music the DLP has demonstrated time and agin that having put us in the quicksand it has absolutely NO IDEA how to get us out.

    Please don’t insult intelligent people with asinine comments like your latest feeble attempt to defend your government.


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