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Head of the People’s Empowerment Party, David Comissiong is urging Barbadians, especially the young people, to get on board with his initiative which aims to get the nation back on track.

He was speaking at a press conference to inform the public of the upcoming meeting of the ‘University of Independence Square’ on July 19th in Independence Square in The City.

Comissiong said the young people were essential to nation building.

”We have to craft a new developmental agenda that the educated and trained young people of Barbados can be a part of. They are the nation’s single most important asset and should be at the centre of any national development programme,” he told reporters.

Comissiong reinforced the importance of the young people while announcing that recent graduate of the University of the West Indies Damien Francis will be one of the speakers at the upcoming meeting.

Other speakers will include Hally Haynes, president of the Barbados Co-operative Credit Union League, who will address  the role of the credit union as an institution in getting Barbados back on track; and  Lynette Holder, chief executive officer of the Small Business Association.

He urged Barbadians to put aside all else for just few hours and come out to the meeting to brainstorm and further discuss the nation building agenda.

“We have to seriously come together to see how we can solve this crisis that we are in. What we cannot do that we seem to be doing right now  . . . is exist in a state of hopelessness,” he said.

He reminded Barbadians that the ‘university’ was established to search for a solution for a country that is in dire straits.

”We felt that we needed to make an effort to bring together representatives of some of the most dynamic sectors of our society. We were searching for a response to a sense of crisis, feelings of hopelessness and despondency that have engulfed Barbados over several years,” Comissiong said, adding that the ‘university’, made up of university students, progressive university lecturers,  Pan Africanists, representatives of the Rastafarian community and  of the indigenous manufacturing and craft making community.

He noted that the meeting will also feature young talent, including the Teen Talent Chorale and the Haynesville Dance Group.



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  1. Clive Walrond
    Clive Walrond July 14, 2014 at 10:29 pm


  2. jr smith July 15, 2014 at 7:28 am

    What a load of rubbish, the existance of universities is to search for a salution to the island economic woes.
    I have never noticed, persons from this kind of education back ground have made very good business men.
    In barbados look who control the businesses, who have the wealth, as we are so close to the UK, look at the 4 known billioners here and they education background.
    Economic and social education, starts from the grass roots, the ambition of someone, the logic creative ability, the attitude to hard work, the mind factor , the aim to be successful, looking to the future, getting people to trust and have faith in you.
    We have a lot of people around like this , but who you know, where you are from, what you look like, prevents the indivudial
    from even to trying.
    Why is it that 60% of the worlds wealth,is in the hands of a london bus load and a half of people.
    Bajans are waiting on divine intervention. or till they get to heaven.


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