Three killed in St Kitts

Prime Minister Dr Denzil Douglas said Saturday he was “appalled” by what he described as a ” brazen act” by gunmen who shot and killed three people and injured four others along the popular Frigate Bay strip during the early hours.
In a statement, the Prime Minister quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the “victims seemed to have been targeted”.
So far, police have not released the names or details of the shootings, but media reports said that two men, who had been sitting on the beach near a bar, were shot and killed.
The media also reported that a third man died near the water’s edge as he attempted to flee the area.
Two female bystanders were reportedly struck in their legs during the incident which occurred around 3 a.m. Saturday.
In his statement, Dr Douglas said the twin island Federation had been experiencing almost “ two years of peace and tranquility” and he praised the police and the Defence Force for having “worked extraordinarily hard” to ensure a peaceful environment.
“They have made excellent use of additional training and equipment, and they have benefited tremendously from our country’s strong relations with regional and international law enforcement agencies. This has had a very positive impact on the ground, and I wish to make it clear that my Government is determined to keep it this way.
“Like everyone in the Federation, I am appalled by this brazen act,” he said, while extending his condolences to the family of those killed and “sincere concerns to those who were injured”. (CMC)

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